Tuesday, 9 February 2016

5 more minutes of fame!

HA! Today I am in Woman's Own magazine.

Bit disappointed the only mention to Slimming World is 'I even joined Slimming World'. Without Slimming World, I wouldn't be where I am today and I have everything to thank them for.

I'm embarrassed and proud in equal measures - I should of never let myself get that size in the first place, but I've worked hard to get the weight off, now the challenge to keep it off continues.

If my story can inspire one person to start their own weight loss journey, 
then it will have been worth it.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Decisions, decisions

It's time to choose a front door colour. On my run this morning, I caught myself looking at each front door I ran past, checking out the colour variations.

 The two pics above are of my last front door, as you can see the colour changes depending on the light. It was a Farrow and Ball colour, although no longer available and I must admit, I fancy a change. 

I still want a blue'ish door - found this image earlier and this is the colour I want. 

I would say it's a combination of 1 and 2 - so the search continues.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Week 14 - build update

This sums up my week, dust and mess everywhere but wow, what a week.
So much has happened.

The painters have arrived and given everywhere a mist coat.

The kitchen arrived on Thursday.......

.....and the fabulous Craig worked really hard all day Friday.

I've spent today giving it all a little clean and hoover up. I know it'll all be messy again next week but I feel better for it, although I'm itching to get in there 'proper'!
It is going to be a fabulous space.

The knock through from the main house to the new bit happened on Wednesday. I was dreading it and yes it was messy but not half as bad as I feared and the new bit does feel part of the whole house now. 

The roof on the front of the house is now finished and the scaffolding has come down. The side still needs to be rendered and the back is still awaiting the go ahead for the dormer. 

So a great week.

Next week should see the actual kitchen corner finished. The walls still need to be panelled and the room painted, then the floor tiles need to go down. The current front door will become the new kitchen door and the new front door will be hung. The electrician is arriving on Monday for second fix and the plumber will be moving us over to the new system and the under floor heating (such luxury) will be ready to be switched on. Outside the front drive pillars will be done, a gate fitted and wall along the side, side wall rendered and hopefully 2 other windows will be fitted. The bathroom is set to be cleared ready for the half term week, when we lose the bathroom and old kitchen and the new downstairs loo/utility will go in and new bathroom suite upstairs - eek! well that's the plan!!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

SALE ends!

Our SALE ends on Sunday

Catch a bargain HERE whilst you can x

Week 13 - build update

Week 13 has been a little frustrating - the builders didn't really get going until Thursday morning. Post birthday celebrations, bad weather forecasts (although the weather didn't turn out so bad) and I think a little procrastination of a job they didn't want to do but once they got going again, it was back on it in their normal fashion.

 This week the plasterer has been my silver lining - he worked so hard, was here until 7.30pm on Tuesday and worked non stop to get the kitchen plastered and finished.

The windows arrived in time for the weekend, so we are now all secure downstairs and you get more of a feeling of it being a complete room.

The builders eventually got on with the job the building regs guy has asked for - fitting a cascading channel into the side of the house. It's costing us a small fortune but will improve the join between the new and old house. 

Next week this little lot is being tidyed up - I feel so sorry for our neighbours having to look out onto this every day. Hopefully next week the plumber is coming back to do the water in the new bit and get the underfloor heating on! The painters arrive to do a mist coat and then the kitchen unit bases are going in. The guttering and soffits are going up, the side wall rendered , then the scaffolding at the front and side will be coming down. The new front door should be going in and the old front door used when the knock through happens, to connect the new bit to the old house. eek!!! I think that's it - still lots more to do but a huge amount being ticked off along the way.

 Let's see how much of the list gets done! 
Have a good week x

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Getting there!

My new kitchen!

Well, my new kitchen space!

The walls have now been plastered, windows arrive tomorrow and hopefully the painting will start next week and kitchen units going in!!

This will fit along the wall in the above pic - ignore the brown cupboard, that'll be my 1950's blue cabinet and the blue wine racks on the wall will be my old pigeon holes.

(pigeon holes)

The units and counter then follow around the corner to the back door.

This is the back wall and will have french doors opening out into the garden. To the right will be a little study corner, with a desk and computer and to the left my old french grey cupboard, which will be home to all my nice bits of china. I'm hoping to buy a couple of movable comfy chairs so they can look out into the garden or face into the kitchen.

(source : pinterest) 

There will be a large sliding door panel (see pic above) along the back wall to go over the french doors, so the houses behind can't look in when the lights are on, should make it warmer too.

So this is more the style I'm going for this time, a little different from before but once all my bits and pieces are moved back in, I'm sure it won't look that different in style. I am planning on a good cull and de-clutter though and with any new space, the layers of 'stuff' build up gradually over time as you add things. Just need to be patient now - I'm not going to organise it properly until all building work is done and the dust has chance to settle!!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Sunny Sorrento

We weren't going to go on holiday this year because of the cost of the build and because Sam hates the heat. Last year he spent most of the holiday in his room, watching Jeremy Kyle and Happy Campers, just so he could be in an air-conditioned room - so not the best way to spend 100's of pounds! But Sophie was disappointed not to be going away so.....

.... her Christmas present and exam treat was .....

She choose Mum (thankfully!) and together we ended up deciding on a week (I know not a few days!!) in....

....Sunny Sorrento.

We decided it would be better as it was just the 2 of us and the first time we've travelled without Jeff, to go with a Thompson package holiday, so flights, transfers, accommodation, food etc was all sorted. 

What we have done however, is choose a really cheap 3* hotel, half board, with a small pool but right in the centre of Sorrento, right by the sea. We plan to use it as a base and go off exploring to Rome for a day, Pompeii, Capri, the Amalfi Coast ..... 

We go after Sophie's exams and prom during the last week of school term, when Sam is still at school, Jeff will have broken up so can do the school run and that way it works out cheaper. I last went to Italy when I inter-railed in my early 20's so am really looking forward to going back to Rome and seeing Sorrento and the surrounding area. Obviously it would have been nicer if Jeff could come too but ..........Sam has said he wants to see the Northern Lights, so maybe that's a future trip for the boys x