Saturday, 16 January 2021

LD3/WK2 begins

I worked Sunday and Monday, had a days holiday booked for the Tuesday.
It rained ALL day!!

And then just like that, we enter week 2 of Lockdown 3!
The diary is empty!

My New Year hyacinths are filling the house with colour and scent.

And I buy a weekly bunch of tulips or daffs to add to the mix.

A burst of colour on a grey, miserable day, cheers things up no end.

I'm lucky, I have my lovely kitchen to hide out in when it's raining. Jeff is teaching from his study, Sophie is up in the box room, which links into our bedroom, so puts both rooms out of action really and Sam is up in his bedroom. I always feel guilty for some reason, sitting in the sitting room in daytime hours, so I spend all my time in the kitchen.

When possible, very much weather dependent at the moment, I am still trying to get outside and walk, even if it ends up being just once around the block.

I've been trying to plan a route before I go, on foot, from home, 
which is all well and good on paper but the reality these past few walks has been.....

.....MUD, MUD and more MUD!
Honestly, yesterday I nearly had a little cry, as I stood in a waterlogged field wandering whether to try and keep going or turn around and go back and once I did get to the end point, I was just faced with more mud and a gate that seemed too much of a challenge to get to. I did make it but I then rerouted myself on to roads to get home. Hard Work!!

At home I'm continually trying to improve on my bird photography.

I've signed up to the Big Garden Birdwatch, 
I might as well count the birds I try and capture!

Have been trying to improve my photography skills whilst out on my walks too....

....and am forever trying to capture the first signs of Spring.

Some good news for this one! 7pm on Tuesday evening (odd time) he received his first couple of Uni offers. One for Surrey (Brighton) and one for his first choice Cardiff. They're both Conditional on getting ABB which after his Oct resit, is what he's got, so he could accept the offer right now. Not sure if UCAS has updated his new grade, although they assure us it's on the system! I think he's interested to know whether Bristol would offer. They certainly wouldn't on BBC his summer grades but may on ABB if they can see his updated Physics grade. Anyway, one less thing to worry about, he has an offer for his top choice, although has already said if things haven't improved by September, he'll defer for another year! Could end up with them both in Cardiff if Sophie works for the ONS after her degree!

Came home to a lovely surprise from my Mum and Dad yesterday. A box of beautiful Cornish Blooms. Can not recommend more highly this family business, if you wish to send someone flowers. I filled 4 vases and they've always been of the best quality. They'll get me through another week of miserable winter weather.


Saturday, 9 January 2021


And so it begins.....

....lockdown three!!
As with lockdowns one and two, I survived them both by getting out and walking. That's my plan for lockdown three, to walk, when I can! The weather isn't going to be great but I can always find excuses.

Tuesday and a walk up to the Hood Monument.

Wednesday, a burst up Wearyall Hill.

Thursday, a fantastic frosty walk down along the River Brue.

Friday, a quick whizz along the top of the Poldens.

And today Saturday, an explore around Street and some local pathways.

I've also managed to capture a few robin pics on my walks.

Wrong side of the branch!!

Today's willing poser!

Same robin but in a different spot.

First sighting of purple catkins - never knew they were even a thing.

I have upgraded my phone, still a OnePlus but an 8 rather than a 5. I'm spoilt now with my new camera but am still interested to see what this can do. The picture below is taken with my new phone.

I've just taken down the New Year garland, hedging all my bets on spring flowers dotted around the house, to see me through Winter. Am working Sunday and Monday, got a day off on Tuesday, so it won't be too bad. Would love to afford to do just a two day week, would love to not have to work at all, could easily fill my time and am super jealous of those, where money isn't an issue, being furloughed!! Sam is currently being furloughed, being paid to do bugger all!! He's become nocturnal, staying up until the early hours gaming with friends, making an appearance in the afternoon...... Jeff is teaching virtually from home, Sophie is back up in the spare 'office' room working from home and I'm still going in, facing disgruntled customers who don't like to be told what to do!! It's so frustrating, we've been doing this now for 9 months plus now, so being asked to take a step back when queuing should not be a big deal. I go in to every shift now with trepidation, worried about what confrontations I may be faced to deal with. Don't get me started on the anti mask wearers!!  Fine with legitimate exemption but the rest????? Hence I'd happily not work at all at the moment. 

Anyway just two days in and five days off, have a good week x

Monday, 4 January 2021

A little extra post

I thought I'd write an extra post as I've a few extra photo's I'd like to share!
I always like to take a photo of  'US' at the start of a new year. Took a little longer to assemble everyone this year, due to Sophie and Sam celebrating with friends, up in their rooms through the wonders of zoom but I coaxed and cajoled them together finally after tea.

On Saturday Jeff and I headed out early to Ham Wall Nature Reserve, it's within my 5 mile radius of the house and now we're in Tier 4, I am conscious in how far I should travel for exercise. It was a beautiful morning and for most of it, we didn't see anyone.

We did meet this wonderfully friendly robin....

....and I did manage to capture this fabulous shot.

The detail!!
We did say, if we'd had food, it would have eaten from our hand.

On Friday I started to watch this fab programme - The Serpent. I had been undecided about watching it but thought I'd watch the first episode and see how it was. Well, I then binge watched a further 3 episodes on Saturday and a further 4 after work on Sunday! It was excellent but frightening, given it was based on a true story. 

As with all new years, I fill my house with bulbs.
It's my way of getting through the winter months

And today I bought my first daffodils, the first of many bunches!!

Friday, 1 January 2021

HELLO 2021!!

Pinch and a punch......

....hello January....

....and 2021!!!!


It's a huge relief to say good bye to 2020 and welcome in the new year.

A cold and frosty start to 2021. 

Sophie and I went out for a walk bright and early before we changed our minds. It was such a beautiful cold, frosty start to the year but treacherous underfoot and saw poor Sophie come a cropper!!

These frosty days are so beautiful though and even more so with my new camera.

I also managed to capture these turf wars going on! 
I never knew robins had such an aggressive streak!

Anyway 2021, a year that still potentially could be as bad as the last but also a year with such promise due to the vaccine! Here's hoping the Government doesn't mess that up and gets it rolled out as quickly and efficiently as possible, so better times can begin. I miss not being able to meet with a friend for a coffee, to be able to hug my parents or hold my granny's hand. I miss being able to just meet up with others, to be in close proximity. I've missed the theatre, live music, holidays abroad...

So 2021 you need to be amazing.......
you need to deliver, we all have such high hopes xx


Thursday, 31 December 2020

2020 ROUND UP!!

HELLO  Goodbye 2020!!

A year no one could have predicted or imagined.

A year of celebrations - Sam's 18th, Sophie's 21st, my 50th. 
A year of travel to Florence, Majorca, Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona.
A year of planned ADVENTURE.....

....or NOT!!!

Because we found ourselves in a Global Pandemic, as a result of COVID-19!
We were told to Stay at Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS! 
and the whole country went into Lockdown, not once but twice and very nearly a third time!!

Sophie came home from Uni and is still here, doing her Placement Year from home instead of in Cardiff. Sam's A-Levels got cancelled and he's now working during his Gap Year. Jeff worked throughout the Summer term but returned in September and I just carried on as normal but now with the grandure of being called a Key Worker!!!

We clapped for the NHS, I baked, read books, walked daily on our 'Boris Walks' with Sam. We made the most of the glorious Lockdown Spring sunshine. We drank Corona, ate our meals outside and were grateful to live in a nice house, with fantastic countryside so close to home. Jeff cut my hair!! And we spent quality time together as a family.

Spending time together for me was the biggest positive to come out of such a disappointing year. 
Bonus time together as a family, with everyone back at home x

So here's my year in pictures. 
You can always look back through the blog for all the details xx













I follow a page called Simple Politics on Instagram and they've just posted
 this round up of 2020, sums the year up nicely too!

What a YEAR!!!! 

A year we'll never forget for sure but a year I don't want to repeat in a hurry. 
As ever we enter a new year with hope, a clean slate, a chance to discover new things, travel to new places, meet new people, catch up with old. Without doubt 2021 has to be a better year. We have a vaccine, we have hope that we can get life back to normal, whatever the new normal may be. In life I always try and look for the positives. It has been a terrible year for many but we have made the best of it and I will always be grateful for the bonus time we've had together as a family.