Sunday, 16 June 2019

Father's Day

I've 3 father's to think of every year on Father's day.... Dad!...

...Jeff's Dad...

and of course Jeff, dad to Sophie and Sam.

Extra bonus that this one came home from Uni today.
Perfect timing!!

All 3 - fabulous in their own way x

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Sophie Ellis Bextor!!

Fab night out with my sis on Wednesday in Bristol, a rare treat to see....

.....Sophie Ellis Bextor x

She was incredible!
Beautiful, stunning lady and performer, with the most incredible voice.
And at the end she ran up to our balcony and just meters away, she sang with 3 violinists


And we had the best view as the people in the seats in front of us didn't show up!

The only downside to the night was the room spinning when I got into bed. I wouldn't have minded had I had a few drinks but I hadn't! Got up the next morning feeling nauseous and dizzy, so got a Dr's appointment, who confirmed that I had Viral Labyrinthitis. I've had it once before, a year and a half ago just from bending down into a cupboard. I did a lot of bending at work on Wednesday, which may have started it off, plus my cold last week (the viral bit!) and generally feeling tired. So my days holiday on Thursday was spent in bed and my subsequent two days off have been getting myself in a position to be able to go to work on Sunday. I'll just have to pace myself, plenty of sleep, drink loads of water, no bending!! 

Sunday, 2 June 2019

WOW! June already!

Pinch and a punch....hello June!

First outing of the new month and a trip to Bristol to meet up with my sister and niece to see Matilda (we missed you Sophie!!) Last saw it in London back in 2012 with Sophie and Sam. Still as good today, in fact would happily go again.

Final treat of the half term break, which has been a mix of work and treats.

Tuesday night being the main event and another trip to Bristol, this time to Ashton Gate, not to see Jeff's beloved Bristol City play, no something much better than that.....


This was my 5th time seeing the boys, Jeff's 4th!! They were brilliant again and Rick Astley was a real treat too, plus Lulu made an appearance. Only downer was not feeling 100%, an annoying woman sat next to me blocking my view and it was blumin freezing!!

Still, had a great time with this one x

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Mid term treat

Bit of a treat this week - only saw Sophie on Saturday in London but then due to her exam dates, she decided to come home for a few days. Getting the train to Bristol on Wednesday straight after her exam and then catching the good ole 376 bus back to Street. Perfect timing as I had both Thursday and Friday off work this week and a good excuse to eat out and catch up!

And she was in the right place at the right time to vote! (first timer!!)

The weather has been on our side, plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine together and we managed to book our accommodation for our Paris trip in September. The few days have whizzed by and it was back to Castle Cary train station this evening, to drop her off and catch the train back to Reading. Only 3 more weeks, 3 more exams and a Summer Ball to enjoy, then it's back home for the summer and her first year at Uni done!!!

I was up at 6:00am this morning and had a 5:30 start earlier on in the week. I'm not really a morning person but at least I get a fantastic view to wake up to.

Have a great week - half term here. Jeff broke up today and Sam has the week off too. He's off camping with friends for a couple of days, just locally, doing a few work shifts and should be doing some school work too! It's going to be a busy week but hopefully a few sunny days to enjoy too.

Sunday, 19 May 2019


Yesterday was all about these two! A fab day out together in London. 
Sam and I got the train from Castle Cary, Sophie joining us at Reading, Jeff was working!!! 
(we missed you Jeff x)

We had planned to go to the Sky Garden again, this time with Sam but when we went to book tickets, there were none left. Instead of releasing them a week before, they were now opening up ticket allocation 3 weeks before!!!! So we were unlucky. So we goggled great free views of London and this came up, the roof terrace on the One New Change shopping centre. It was only 6 floors up and certainly not the fabulous views you get from the top of the Walkie Talkie Building but you did get great views of .....

...St Paul's, the Shard, London Eye etc. Better than nothing.

 Sophie stopped by her future work place - The Bank of England.
Dream BIG girl x

We then crossed the river to go and find 'him'! When Sophie and I went to London in November, I photographed this sculpture of a lone female figure, unbeknownst to me, it was part of a pair titled 'Couple' so my mission for the day was to find 'him'

We had no major plans from our trip, other than just spending the day together, so after lunch we headed into Soho, Carnaby Street area for Sam, to visit some of his favoured retail outlets.

Role reversal to the max! For once it was the girls sitting and waiting whilst he looked around his favourite stores - Stussy being one of them.

It did mean I could then persuade everyone to nip into Wholefoods, so I could find the new Limited Edition Pip&Nut Cherry Bakewell flavour almond butter - my only purchase of the day!

All in all it was a great day - lovely to see Sophie, lovely to spend some time together, great to have a change of scenery and no rain!!

Sophie got off at Reading, whilst Sam and I continued back to Somerset.

Until next time London x

Saturday, 11 May 2019

This time last week!!

This time last week, Jeff was running the Glasto 10k in a fab time of 47mins 30 secs. He wanted to come in less than his age, so he easily achieved that and a personal best to boot!

I was looking back through my blog, I like to sometimes see what the weather was doing 'this time last year' and this popped up - exam season was about to hit a year ago. Nothing near the same stress this year, Sam's had 'in school' mocks, as no AS Levels anymore and Sophie has 7 Year One exams to get through. Her first year results don't count towards her degree but do help towards applying for work placements for her third year, so she's doing her best and working hard.

Getting me through work, is thinking of my holidays. I cashed in my £2 coin stash. Every time I get a £2 coin I pop it in a tin, £150 since this time last year!

Enough to buy two cabin size suitcases for our Paris trip x

Peony season has started at last. Got my first bunch of the year.....

....and what a lovely surprise they were too - beautiful.

The sun is shining at last, although still chilly if not in direct sun. Hoping we're in for a spell of sunnier weather - I certainly feel I need it.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Farewell April...... hello May

 Pinch and a punch.....

....hello May!
Wow! how did that happen?  Whizzing in to the merry month of May!

April was a jam packed family affair - love months like that and it was great having Sophie home  and everyone back together again for a few weeks x

We have odd bursts of good weather, I'd still say it was chilly!! 
The alliums are beginning to pop through, not as many as last year but still enough to show off!

On another note, have just been a bit naughty and booked a few days away in September with Sophie, to Paris!!!! She really wanted to go away, has the money but her friends have already got plans or don't have the money!! I'd got the week booked off work already, to spend time with her before the new Uni year started, so we've agreed to go halves and go together. I do feel guilty that it'll be back to school for Jeff and Sam but neither really want to trudge around Paris, Sam most definitely and his loathing of French!! We've booked train tickets to London, then the Eurostar to Paris, then plan to find an AirBnB or cheap hotel room for the 3 nights, nothing fancy, as we'll only want to shower and sleep. Any must see's, must do's, places to eat etc? Any tips most welcome x

Good job my FAST 800 is going well, I'll need a few pounds to spare for all the french pastries and bread and wine!!!