Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Another dose of.....

.... 5 minutes of fame!!

Today my story is shared in the Daily Mirror and on-line

I only know, as a fab Instagram follower commented this morning, that she'd just seen me on the BBC1 News. It was during the papers review section - they were actually commenting on a 'potato story' on the same page but my pics were held up on the TV for all to see!

This also enlightened me to the fact that my story was in the Daily Mirror today (no one tells you!!)
They've taken the Instagram angle rather than the Ideal Home take.

My meals don't look too bad put together like that x
You can find me on Instagram HERE

I also thought this was quite a nice pic, taken by the professional photographer that came to the house 3 weeks ago.

So as I review my SW Month of September - it's been an exciting one!

Not only has my story been shared in the local paper but also by the Nationals - little me in the newspapers!! I also celebrated my one year anniversary with Slimming World, 14 weeks at Target and still eating masses of good, healthy food. I can't quite believe all that's happened this past month - what a fabulous way to celebrate my achievements. 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

September splendour!

Aren't we lucky to have this view from our bathroom window?
It's been fabulous the last few mornings with the mists down in the valley.

I'm keeping busy - Sam has now moved into the box room ready to start decorating his room.

Stripping wallpaper has to be one of the worst jobs ever! And for some stupid reason in this house, they've wallpapered the ceilings too!

But I can now say it's done! Walls have been filled, sanded and washed down ready for painting and today.....

..... the carpet came up, revealing some lovely floorboards. Sam wants carpet, I like floorboards - it will probably come down to time in the end. The electrician arrives on Thursday to fit the extra sockets and then it's time to get painting. 

The build is still awaiting planning permission but initial building quotes have made us have a re-think or best case scenario, hope for a lottery win! It's basically a lot more expensive than we had anticipated, so a lot of compromises and decisions have to be made.

I've been running to relieve the stress - I love it. 5K at 7.30am on a Saturday morning with views like this - what better way to start the day?

I'm still following the SW plan - must say I do eat the most delicious food. This was apple, chocolate and mincemeat baked oats - absolutely delicious........

...... and this was pulled pork in a BBQ sauce cooked in the slow cooker for 8 hours. It was amazing, will be definitely be making it again.

So another week beckons and a new month just days away! 
I have lots of decisions to make and decorating to do, plus dots and spots and the everyday stuff too - at least the sun is shining and looks to be here for the week ahead. Just need to find 5 minutes to sit out in the garden and enjoy it.

 Have a good week x

Friday, 18 September 2015

Where does the time go?

Can't believe that it's Friday again already!

One and half pounds on for me this week - was to be expected, given my weekend away eating and drinking. I really don't mind as I enjoyed myself and know that with SW, I can easily get it back off.

I pushed myself with my running this week and ran 6k at full pace - pretty chuffed with my time as I added in a hill too. Will try it again over the weekend and see how I do.

This weekend Sam gets moved fully into the box room and wallpaper stripping starts in earnest. I have a date for the electrician booked so best get cracking. We are frustratingly waiting for planning permission to get started on the build. I'm excited and scared in equal measures because I know chaos will surround me for months on end but in the mindset, the sooner it gets started, the sooner it's done.

I hope you have a great weekend - I'm taxi driver for a lot of it and wallpaper stripper in between!!

Monday, 14 September 2015

A weekend of two halves

What a busy weekend, no make that a busy week!

It all started when my lovely SW Consultant asked me to write a few words about my weight loss journey as she'd like to get it into the local paper with her advert. Reluctantly I did it, I didn't really want to be in the local paper but wanted to say thank you to her for all her help and support, so made the effort for her.

So on Monday the story goes on-line and out of the blue I receive a message from the South West News Service, asking if they could send a photographer over. They'd seen my story and thought it was great and they could do more with it!!!

So Thursday comes and Alastair arrives to take my photo - more like 300 later!!! He took the recent shots of David Cameron surfing this Summer. 'These will probably go into the nationals tomorrow' he idly says!!! What?

So Friday comes, I go to my SW group as normal. It was exactly a year ago that I walked through the doors 4 stone 8 pounds heavier, so I had a lot of thank yous to do. My consultant was lovely, saying how proud she was of me and how I'd inspired many others along the way. Well I had to dash as I was having a rare weekend away.

I got the bus to Bristol, then the train on to Birmingham. One of my best friends from University days was back over from Australia and so......

......Sophie, Sharon and I, who all shared a house together at Uni and haven't all been together for at least 14 years, met up!

So we're off out for the evening and get a message to say someone had seen me on the Mail Online in the FeMail section.......

Then I'm being told it's in the Yorkshire Post and the western Daily Press!!! OMG!!!

Saturday comes and the arrival of another housemate Steve and friend Eric - lots of eating, drinking talking, laughing and reminiscing followed and I forgot all about my five minutes of fame!

We really did have a great time - Eric and I hadn't seen each other since the day we left uni 21 years ago. Steve and Sharon were a good 13 years ago and Sophie must have been 6 maybe even 8! But you know what, it was just like it was yesterday - good friends are there forever even if you don't see them for years, you just pick up from where you left off.

So once on the train back home, I had chance to take stock of all that has happened. A fabulous weekend with really good friends and the added excitement of my 'five minutes of fame'. It was lovely to get home and have hugs and hear stories from their few days without me.


So today everything is back to normal, orders going out, waiting for couriers (I'm always waiting for couriers!!!) the cupboards are fully stocked up with fresh food and the school run is imminent. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I'll keep you posted if anything more happens. 
There was a mention of magazine interest...... x

Friday, 4 September 2015

September starts!

I was asked to share my Slimming World journey in one pic over on Instagram yesterday - great timing as I approach my 1 Year Slimming World Anniversary next week. I can honestly say that this past year, walking through those doors last September, has changed my life forever!

So with September 'starts' in mind, I struggle to believe that this is Sophie's final year at school and can't quite get over how tall Sam is getting, considering he is 3 years younger than Sophie! Jeff trialled his new 'walk' to school and it's 5 minutes from the house to his classroom, so he'll have no excuses for being late!

The electrician has now been and fitted the additional plugs in Sophie's room, without damaging the newly painted floor too badly - phew! So she'll be moving in this weekend and Sam will be moving into the box room ready to start his rooms transformation. He's so undecided about colours, style etc so I'll have to work my magic and try and come up with an scheme more fitting for a teenage boy.

dots and spots HQ needs some serious attention - I've been 'popping' over doing bits all Summer but really do now need a serious few days making up stock. We shall start our 'Early Bird Offers' again mid September - a chance to buy at a low price, not to be seen again this side of Christmas, so worth a look.

Have a fabulous weekend - I intend to run 5K, swim 20 lengths and move lots of boxes!! 
Hope your weekend is a restful one x

Monday, 31 August 2015

August ends!

August has not delivered the sunshine we had hoped for. On the one hand that's been really disappointing and it doesn't feel like we've had a Summer but on the other, due to the decorating I've been doing, I guess I've not missed out on the lovely weather.

August started off with us returning from our holiday in Ibiza and promptly into celebrating Sam's 13th birthday. The rest of the month has pretty much been spent stripping wallpaper, decorating, sanding and painting floors and making up Ikea furniture! We've had the odd day out in Bath, a treat meal out, dots and spots orders to still keep on top of but decorating has pretty much been it for August. 

On a health and fitness level, I saw my first ever gain, post holiday 'All Inclusive' excess! I was nominated for Woman of the Year and although I didn't win, it gave me a chance to reflect on all I've achieved this year, size 18 to size8!!!! I've now been at Target for 10 weeks and this is where I'd now like to stay!

We as a family have taken out membership at the local fitness centre, as it's just 5 minutes walk from the house. The boys have been swimming 18-20 lengths of the pool EVERY day (I'm very proud of Sam) and I had my gym induction yesterday, as I know come winter I'll be making up all those excuses not to run when it gets cold and wet. I hope to continue to be active 3-4 times a week, be it an exercise class, a run, a blast on the treadmill or a swim - I'll have no excuse!

I still intend to continue going to my local SW group every week to get weighed, keep me focused and meet up with all my lovely fellow slimmers. I wouldn't have achieved all I have without them.

So, school starts for everyone this week - back to the school runs for me but a 2 minute walk for Jeff. This house move does feel like it's been a good move and once Jeff's term starts, we can really put it to the test and see if he benefits as we had hoped from extra time at home.

Here's hoping September is a sunny, warm month,
 I'm not ready to put my flip flops away just yet!

Friday, 28 August 2015

We're getting there!

One room down, the rest of the house still to go!!

Saturday (yes we are mad!!!) saw us ALL in Ikea on a mission to buy furniture for Sophie and Sam's room's. Because their bedrooms were up on the third floor in our last house, we left a lot of the Ikea furniture there, as we couldn't get it down the stairs without pulling it all apart. 

Sophie's room is now finished - from this.... this!!
Jeff lived in Ikea flat pack making hell for 3 days, to get her furniture all made up and in place. Frustratingly we're waiting for an electrician to come next week to fit some extra sockets, before she can move everything in.

She's sleeping in there and doing her holiday homework on her new desk and once the electricians been, we can move her out of the box room and move Sam in, before I start on his room.

The new extension is progressing frustratingly slowly due to our architect not doing what he's promised. Planning Permission will take 8 weeks which he promised he'd do before we went to Ibiza at the end of July but still doesn't look like it's been accepted onto the system. So instead of an original September start for the build, we're now looking at a November start!! We have met one builder though and once the plans for the extension are talked through, the excitement returns. I have so many ideas, plans and just want things to get started but am realistic that it'll be February/March before we will be in a position to get everything out of storage.

So as the Summer holidays come to close, the decorating will continue in amongst the school runs, dots and spots etc. I'm mindful it's coming up to my busiest time of year and progress will be slow as a result but I'd like to get Sam sorted by October half term - best get cracking!!

Have a lovely weekend.