Thursday, 16 August 2018

She only went and did it!!!


She did it! 
Sophie is off to Reading University to study Economics.

I can not tell you just how nerve wracking the past few weeks have been and this morning was awful. Luckily her school emailed out the results at 6am but still..... waiting for that 'ping', then actually opening up and reading the email. We genuinely had no idea which way it would go - 
Plan A - Off to Reading // Plan B - Reading after begging and pleading // Plan C - go 'somewhere' through Clearing // Plan D - retakes and a year at home!
Thankfully Plan A was all that was needed, as she got A B B, her Offer grades.

I think Jeff is especially proud of her A in Maths, with B's in Economics and Geography. I dropped her off at school in the morning, so she could catch up with everyone else, then this afternoon we've put together a list of what she needs to get. We have a few bits squirrelled away but then haven't wanted to think about it, incase there was the chance of it not happening! Now in 5 weeks time she'll be off, the start of a new big adventure!

Of course we celebrated with cheesecake, for breakfast at 7am!!
Why not!?!

Couldn't be happier x

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Quick week....

After Sam's birthday on Tuesday, it's been a quick week.

I worked the Monday, Wednesday and Friday as normal and did overtime today. Obviously my day off on Tuesday was all about Sam and cake making but on Thursday I had a 'me' day and drove up to Gloucester Quays for the day, to meet old school friends. We met, to the day, a year ago at Gloucester Quays! There's never enough time to catch up on everything, just like school days, after a full day at school together, we'd then phone each other the minute we got home, then meet up again in the evening. It's always good after all these years, to just pick up where you left off.

I've also faced the scales this morning after a month away from group. We flew out and then back on weigh day, then I gave myself a week's grace after my holiday but then missed last week too, waiting in for an Ikea delivery. I could have got out of this week too, as was wanted in early for work but I made myself go, face the scales, bought a six week countdown and am now determined to get back to target! I was at one point just a pound and a half away, now I'm back up to 7lbs!

Half a stone really isn't that much and I should easily be able to lose it in six weeks but there is a lot on but then when isn't there!?! So a little focus, an extra dollop of determination and I pledge to be back to target by the end of September. Where ever I am now, I'm a million miles away from where I once was.

Have a great week x

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Birthday Boy - 16

Who doesn't love a birthday!?!

Somehow, this one has turned 16!
My baby!!!

 Where, oh where, have the years gone?
I got quite emotional looking back through the photo albums to put together this collection. I started off with great intentions, to photograph them every year in the blue chair on their birthday, sadly we stopped. So it gave me excuse to lose an hour or two, looking back through the photo albums. I remember every birthday as if it were yesterday.

This year we have balloons.....

....and cake...

....lots of cake!
Sam is off out with friends today to celebrate his birthday, so we had cake for elevensies!

He wanted a double bed for his birthday, well he is 6ft plus now. We boxed up all the Lego, childhood books, cuddly toys, all stored away up in the roof for now, had a furniture shuffle to fit in the bed and now he has a room more in keeping of a 16 year old - computer, bed and a continual supply of Lynx. What more does a boy want!?!

Friday, 3 August 2018

Puerto Pollensa - Part Two

Following on from yesterday, here is a round up of the second half of our weeks trip to Puerto Pollensa.  


On Wednesday we split up into the girls and the boys! Us girls were up early to wander around Puerto Pollensa Market, which was held in the old square every Wednesday morning.

The boys, up early too, caught a bus back to Pollensa to climb up Puig de Maria (the big hill in the photo) 

The market was great, full of fresh fruit, leather goods, pottery, flowers etc. We got what we needed and took it back to our apartment, after a detour to the bakery too, as there were no bakery stalls. We then headed back to the square for breakfast - coffee and cake and a spot of people watching.

Whilst the boys climbed to the top of Puig de Maria.
Think I opted for the easier choice of activity!!

Treated myself to this little bowl, couldn't resist.

Sophie and I then went for a dip in the sea..... did the boys on their return and....

......we then spent the afternoon by the pool.

We met up with a friend, who now lives in Majorca, for a meal that evening. He used to teach Maths with Jeff when we were at Wells Cathedral School, 14 yrs ago!  They picked up where they had left off and we had a great evening - will probably see them more now, once a year at least, than when they were still living in England.


Too many early mornings for some, so Jeff and I headed off on our own, catching the local bus to Formentor. It was worth going to, for the bus trip alone, such fantastic views.

And the beach was as we remembered, beautiful but very busy. We got there early enough to find a quiet spot down at the end, away from the crowds. 

The sea there is the most crystal clear and so lovely to swim in.

We got a reasonably early bus back, as 3 boat loads of people were arriving.

And then spent the afternoon in the pool.

That evening we ate pizza, at the Little Italy Pizzeria on the seafront. It gets super busy, so we booked earlier to ensure we got a table. There is a huge choice of restaurants along the seafront and around the town square - too many to choose from over the course of just one week.

And as always we walked, so we could justify having a gelato later!


Friday, last full day and a quiet day in Puerto Pollensa. It's funny how you slot into a routine, no matter where you are. Every morning I got up early, showered and walked to the bakery....

.....selected pastries for breakfast and bread for lunch, then headed down to the seafront, always so still, peaceful and calm before heading home to make breakfast for everyone.

This particular morning, Jeff went out on a run then.....

.... met me for a coffee and a spot of people watching, before going back.....

... to make breakfast.

After lunch we all headed to the sea for a swim, then back to the pool. I was determined to finish at least one book, had read hardly any this holiday as we've been out and about more, rather than just sat by the pool, bagsying our sunbed, as on previous holidays.

We decided to eat out in the square for our final evening. 
It was little warmer without the sea breeze but just as interesting 

and the food was great, possibly the best we'd had all week.

We even got to see the Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon, once the cloud had cleared. It was very faint but red in colour and the bright light below was Mars.


Our last morning in Puerto Pollensa, bakery run and walk along the seafront as normal, followed by breakfast at our apartment, ready to leave by 10am.

We had a 3 hour wait for our transfer to the airport, so we found a shady bench to bide our time. I actually read the most, sat on that bench, than I had done the whole week. There was a lovely breeze, so manageable for Sam. We then had an early lunch before our pick up and airport run.

I love airports. I love the busyness of them, people watching there is the best, although everything felt a little rushed for some reason.

I did manage to turf Sam out from the window seat spot, so enjoyed the views for the first time in years. Sophie and I think this was Magaluf below, due to the proximity of a water park we could make out.

Before you knew it, we were back over England's dry and rather brown/parched land. You could certainly see the results of the recent heatwave.

WE had the best holiday, spending some quality time together as a family. Don't get me wrong it wasn't all sweetness and roses, I think Sam wished he were at home on many occasions, missing his friends, would have happily 'endured' just a few days en famille, rather than a whole week! I wonder how many more family holidays there will be. Will Sophie come on holiday with us next year if away at university?? The first thing I do on my return, is start investigating where to go next year. I'm going to book as if it's the four of us but sort flights out nearer the time, you never know it could just be Jeff and I!!

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Puerto Pollensa - Part One


Up at silly o'clock, we headed to Bristol airport at 3am, to start our week away in the sun!

But arrived to disappointing grey skies, which thankfully, quickly, gave way to blue skies and sunshine. It was perfect actually, as we had to wait to get into our apartment.

55 Carrer de Formentor, our home for the week.

See previous post HERE for more details.

We spent the afternoon by the pool, having a snooze and simply relaxing.


We spent Sunday in the resort, enjoying a swim in the sea

and just relaxing by the pool.

 We were just enjoying time together by the pool, when the sky went incredibly dark, the wind whipped up in seconds and we had the most torrential rain for half an hour.

The road flooded...

...part of the beach washed away....

...and then it was as if nothing had happened.
The calm after the storm.


We got up early on Monday to walk to Cala Boquer - an hours walk through the Boquer Valley. 

It was quite hard going in places and in the heat, hence our early start...

... but well worth it - what a beach.

I was first in, never again, I got stung by a jellyfish. 

Still have a mark a week on!

Other than the jellyfish incident, it was well worth the walk.

Although it was extremely hot coming back. So glad we had our own pool to jump into on our return, made such a difference knowing we had it to go back to.


We got up early again on the Tuesday, a bus ride to Pollensa. It reminded me more of Italy, with it's tall, narrow, cool streets.

We got there early to climb the 365 steps up to the chapel.

Again it was a climb but we had shade and...

... the views at the top were well worth it.

Of course, we then had to go back down but had a welcome coffee at the cafe at the bottom of the steps.

We spent a while meandering through the old town before catching the bus back to our resort.

Every evening we ate out, that was my one rule, no cooking!

and every evening we strolled along the Pine Walk, by the sea.

Puerto Pollensa really is the most beautiful place and I could quite happily live there.
I'll post Part Two and the rest of our week tomorrow.