Monday, 23 May 2016

Good Luck wishes

Wishing this girl lots of love and good luck wishes as her GCSE exams start today.

She's worked hard, so now lets hope her efforts are rewarded.

Good luck to all those taking exams x

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Making the most....

...of this sunny, dry weather!

Today we were at B&Q so bright and early, we had to wait for it to open but after a few hours of hard work the shed base is now complete, waiting now for the shed to arrive! Hard to be in for delivery all day, so probably won't get it until early half term hols

After a six week break, I've headed back to my Slimming World group to face the scales. I've gone a little over and out of target range, so I'm back on-plan to shift those couple of pounds before they become any more. I'd really missed group and the support and motivation it gives me.

I'm trying to up my running to at least 3 times a week too - hoping the nicer weather will help with that and a small matter of a week in Sorrento coming up soon.

Here's to a good week 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

A spot of gardening

When the weather is this good, you just have to spend it outside!

We've realised that the summer house is currently in the sunniest spot of the garden. We will never use it as a summer house, it's currently being used as a glorified shed! So, the plan is to put a new shed up in the shadiest part of the garden, re-locate all the stuff currently in the summer house and take it down.

So Jeff finished earlier than expected on Saturday and we made a start.....

We now have the area cleared and prepped ready to lay the base for the shed - that'll have to wait for another block of time but hopefully, by half term, we should be in a position to put up the new shed.

I've been grabbing 5 minutes out in the sunshine and have read this book. I never read unless I know I have a good block of time together, as once I start, I like to finish and I must say I read this in 2 days - a great book. It's apparently being made into a film too, something to look out for!

I'm guessing this glorious weather will change far too soon - hope you've all had a sunny weekend too x

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Farewell April....Hello May

Farewell April - a month taken up with decorating. I suspect May will be much of the same but am hoping there will be a little more sunshine and warmer weather thrown into the mix.

A little reminder that our little sale to celebrate National Stationery Week, ends tonight 

Have bought my first peonies of the year and they are beautiful.

Have also put some pictures up in our bedroom - getting there slowly!

Was treated to a rare night out -on Friday, well it was a Prefect Dinner hosted up at Jeff's school. I remember last year having short sleeves and bare legs, sigh! Am willing some warmer, sunnier weather to visit us soon!

So the first May Bank holiday is here - Jeff always has to work, so a bit of a non event but I have plenty to do and a little lie in tomorrow will be most welcome.

Have a lovely long weekend x

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Love this

I was chatting earlier this week to a friend, who was upset to be missing her daughter's wedding as it is in Australia and only a really small do. She's organising a Reception for when her daughter next visits the UK and has asked me to help with the invites etc. I asked her, if money were no object would she go, she said yes! I asked her if she had the money to go and she said yes! So I said, go! Be there on that special day, for her, for her daughter, for the moment.

As I get older, I realise that life is far too precious and we have no idea what is ahead. We should jump at the chance to 'collect a moment' especially when that moment means so much more to us than money or a 'thing'!

 Jeff's mum died so unfairly and far too soon and that was 8 years ago now, I really do see life in a completely different way. I am quite content in my little world now to not want 'things' but feel more and more the need to collect moments, that are precious and happy and meaningful and fun.

***collect moments***

Sunday, 24 April 2016

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Friday, 22 April 2016

What a difference......

.......5/6 months make!
 The kitchen is now feeling like it's always been here. 

There are a few jobs to do and I'd love to get new chairs and a couple of comfy chairs for the bottom end but I need to save up for them first. But today I took a picture of the room and thought yes, this is how I imagined it would be. So here's a little look back over the past few months.

It's true what they say - 
give it a few weeks and you forget all the mess and upheaval x