Sunday, 23 October 2016

Half term!

Yay! It's the start of half term - I think we all need  a break from the alarm clock. That said, it's going to be a full week ahead. The forecast is set to be dry, so plenty to do, making the most of it.

This autumnal weather leads you towards comforting food. I'm happily sat at the bottom of my target weight range, the perfect place to be, so I can enjoy a few treats this week.

Jeff broke up on Wednesday, so he spent Thursday and Friday laying the new wooden floor in the sitting room, ready for me to ......

....paint it. I'm off to do another coat now.

I've also had my hair done, gone darker this time. I'd love to go back to blonde, that's my favourite but after 2 years of monthly bleaching, I have to give my hair a little rest. I'm lucky that I seem to be able to carry off all the colours I've tried so far but blonde is best by far x

Have a great week - will catch up soon x

Monday, 17 October 2016



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Willing half term to be here!

Definitely Autumn now and Ghost Pumpkins adorn the side. We are willing halt term to arrive, as colds are appearing and the energy tanks are nearing empty.

I treated myself to a weekday, morning viewing of 'The Girl on the Train'. I'd read the book earlier this year and wanted to see the film. It feels slightly naughty going to see it in the morning, on your own but our cinema charges £6.50 with coffee and biscuits, so it would be wrong not to!!

Sophie and I also braved Ikea on a Saturday afternoon - madness. We usually go early, as it opens but had to tie it in with a sleepover drop off, so arrived at crazy 1 o'clock, lunchtime! It was mainly a research mission but I did get some bits for the new sitting room. I'm itching for Jeff to get the floor done, so I can paint it and start moving in some of the nice bits, ready for the arrival of the new sofas the first week on November. I want that room 'done' now so we have somewhere nice and cosy to relax in at the end of a busy day.

I'm gearing myself up for the madness of Christmas, always the busiest time of the year for me. Our fabulous wrapping paper will be in the Not on the High Christmas catalogue this year, so I'm trying to prep stuff in case it gets really busy. I'm about to order my postal tubes today, so they arrive during half term, when there will always be someone at home to receive them - the porch isn't quite big enough for them if I'm not in!!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Christmas Card Offer

**Christmas Card Offer**

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Friday catch up

Can't quite believe where the weeks are going at the moment - October has certainly brought Autumn with it, lovely sunshine still but a chill in the air.

I've succumbed to buying a pair of cheap reading glasses, as I'd noticed I was having to hold things further away to read the small print. I will get my eyes properly tested when there is some spare cash in the pot but these will do for now.

I always think once there is a chill in the air, my thoughts do turn to Christmas. I have my Mum's, sister's and niece's birthdays in October and Sophie's and mine in November, so once I start looking for these, I find I start thinking ahead to Christmas. I always carry around this little book to start making lists of ideas for everyone, just ideas for now.

I'm well and truly back in the Slimming World zone and am delighted to have got back into target. I want a couple of focused weeks now, so I stay at the bottom of my range with all these birthdays on the horizon and half term just a couple of weeks away.

I have been busy painting - 3 coats on the walls and ceiling and I'm done! Jeff now needs to lay the wooden floor and sand it, before I can paint it - half term is going to be busy. It will be so nice to get this room done. Although we only spend a couple of hours in it a day, I've missed having a lovely space to relax in and I've really missed having all my pictures up on display. I've been doing yoga once a week up at Jeff's school, so I might even get yoga dvd and try it out at home in here, as there will be enough space. We still need to lay the fireplace tiles and find a fire, plus curtains, rugs, coffee tables etc but as someone said, 'that's the fun bit' and a trip to Ikea could be on the horizon x

Friday, 30 September 2016


I love my son dearly but he can be extremely annoying, especially when I try to nibble on something I shouldn't or pick on leftovers, he's there in the background saying 'target'. It annoys me because I know he's right, I will never get back to 'target' if I keep picking. So at the beginning of this month we had a bet of £5 - I keep the fiver if I get to 'target', he wins the fiver if I don't!

Well this morning on the 30th, last day of the month, I did it! I got to TARGET! 
Sam will be disappointed to lose but being a nice Mum, I'm giving him the £5 anyway. Without our bet, I wouldn't have been so determined and focused to get to target, so in a way he has really helped me out. 

I also decided to change my target this morning from 9st to 9st 3lbs. The thought of losing another 3lbs to get to the bottom of my target range was just too much and I need to be at a weight I can sustain forever, 9 stone is my happy place, so 9 stone is now the bottom of my target range too. 
The rules of Slimming World allow you to go 3lbs above and below your target weight, so by setting my target to 9 stone 3lbs, I can stay at 9 stone, sitting happily at the bottom of target range and will not allow myself to get to 9 stone 7lbs which would take me above.

Sophie and I have just celebrated with cake! It is allowed on the Slimming World plan as long as you account for it. The hard work begins again at staying here, within the target bubble but I do feel I'm now at a happy weight both physically and mentally and as long as my size 8 jeans fit, I'm happy.

Have a great weekend x

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Ticking off the 'to do' list

So I am making slow progress in the sitting room - I hope to have it all painted by the end of the weekend, well the walls and ceiling at least. 

Today the window man is here.
We've saved enough money to get Sophie's window changed - looking good and should make it warmer and quieter and then....

....the old metal sliding doors are going.


Well they're gone...... 

.....and a lovely new wide single door has replaced them. 
Just need some warm sunshine to enjoy the door fully open.