Sunday, 26 March 2017

Happy Mothering Sunday

Wishing my lovely Mum a very Happy Mother's Day and 
thinking of Jeff's Mum, who sadly in no longer with us.

I've been spoilt by my two and the sun is shining - perfect x

Hope you have a lovely day with your Mum or children 
or have fond memories of those no longer with us. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


The website will close tonight and re-open on Sunday. 

This will give me a chance to catch up on orders, give Jeff chance to organise the post, before I teach all day on Friday. If any different, I will notify you here, on the blog or via our Facebook page.

Monday, 20 March 2017


She passed!!!!!

So pleased for her - 8:20am in busy Yeovil and she passed with just one minor!

She's had a great instructor - would highly recommend him. 
Sam's booked in for August 2019! 

I will take some of the credit though - we have spent many an hour driving around together, reversing around corners, hill starts, reversing into parking bays, parallel parking, roundabouts - oh yes! 14 roundabouts a day on the school run. She's been extremely motivated and I guess now, well, when she's insured as a 'driver', she'll take over the school run - whooppee!!

Well done Sophie - just like your Mum, passed first time xx
Very proud of you x

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Website re-opens tomorrow (Sunday)

I am spending today packing orders (fuelled by coffee)
The website will re-open tomorrow (Sunday) for as long as the number of orders dictate! 

Please note however, that all orders placed tomorrow will not be sent out until Thursday morning.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Due to another busy day of orders, I have temporarily closed the website. I can then work my way through the orders and fairly deal with any stock issues, if they arise, on a first come-first served basis. I would hope to catch up and complete all orders over Friday/Saturday (I'm working at school all day tomorrow) and will then re-open the website again. 

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause but I don't want to get in a muddle and disappoint anyone. I will keep things updated here on the blog, so do check in if you want to be notified and not miss out.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Bit of un aupdate

As you know, orders last week all went a little mad! You ordered in the 100's (thank you) and as a result, I have had to temporarily take down the website. I have been working my way through them all on a first come, first served basis, in case any stock issues arose. This has meant the process has been slower but fairer. I should finish these today and then my intention is to do an updated stock take on Monday and Tuesday, making the website live again on Wednesday. It will close again, if and when there is a big flurry in orders,  I will then catch up, re-open and continue with this cycle if necessary, as I'm also doing supply teaching all day Thursday. 

I can't thank you enough - there were a few of you, 5 I think, who had problems placing your order and I shall be in touch with you as soon as I've updated the stock levels.

I'm off now to get making up, picking and packing - the postman is going to love me in the morning!

Have a great Sunday 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

You loved this too much!

Due to the sheer volume of orders today, I have had to close the website temporarily.

I will endeavour to work my way through the orders as they were received, so any stock issues which may arise, are treated fairly on a first come, first served basis. I will then do an up to date stock take and make the website live again. Realistically this will be some time next week, as not only are there a lot of orders, the quantities within the orders are big.

Thank you for your custom and supporting the sale. There is still plenty to go around but I do need to check on some items with smaller available quantities, so not to disappoint future customers,