Friday, 24 October 2014

Proud and in Print!

I am very lucky to have shared the last 22 years of my life with Jeff, 18 of which in married bliss!!
I have now known him half of my life - slightly scary thought!
As you may know he is a Maths Teacher, currently working at Millfield School. He too has a blog  'A Maths Teacher Writes' which I must confess I rarely read, as Maths and I have a very bad history. I scraped a C grade at O'Level with many tears along the way, all thanks to my Dad, who spent many a long hour trying to help me. Thank goodness Jeff can help the children with their homework, as I have no clue.

Well a few month's ago he was approached by someone from the TES (Times Educational Supplement) to write an article for them. They liked his style of writing on his blog and could he do something for them. 

Well today his piece is in print and I am very proud. It is very well deserved, he is a great teacher and should rightly enjoy his moment of fame.

Our two have thankfully, it would seem, have been blessed with his love and ability to 'do' Maths. They are both Top Set and unlike me, there are very few tears along the way. If you like Maths then do take a look at his blog, it's apparently quite good, if you are 'in to' Maths in any way x

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A quick catch up

Well Autumn is well and truly here - the garden is covered in fallen leaves. 

We're hoping for a couple of dry days next week during half term to give the garden a really good tidy up. These past 7 weeks have been so busy and there just hasn't been any spare time to get out in the garden even for just a few hours.

Our Katsura tree is looking beautiful and smells divine. As the leaves die, you get the most sweet scent of candy floss!

The beans have pretty much finished now except for the odd one, showing off!! The pumpkins are looking good too - they just need to hold on until Halloween and maybe a couple will be made into soup.

Thinking ahead to Halloween, Sophie has sorted out the Christmas chocolates. We always make up mixed bags to refill the tin - that way all the good ones don't go first. We also give out all the ones we don't like, the orange, coffee and strawberry creams in our case, to the Trick or Treater's on Halloween. Saves on buying extra treats and means we get rid of the chocs we don't like!

I've had a good week on the food front and managed to resist eating even one of the Christmas chocs. I must say the Somerset pork, cider and cabbage hotpot we had over the weekend was absolutely delicious and of course who can say no to egg and chips. Who would think you could eat all this and lose weight - thank you Slimming World! I'm a little apprehensive about halt term and staying 'on plan'. We have a few days out planned which will include at least one trip to GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen). I've decided to just go with the flow, eat and enjoy and pick up SW the next day and hope that not too much damage is done!

We're all ready for half term and a few lazy mornings - the kids could certainly do with a bit of  time off. I shall no doubt be trying to juggle dots and spots and family time but I don't mind if there are no alarm clocks in the mix. Here's hoping the sun shines too.

Monday, 20 October 2014


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Friday, 17 October 2014

My little success!

5 weeks ago as a bag full of nerves, anticipation and determination, I walked into our local Slimming World Group on my own. I had been inspired by 2 people - a family friend who has lost 5 stone and a friend who has lost over 4 stone in a year. Her Instagram feed was full of real, good, healthy food and I thought to myself, if you can eat all that and lose weight I am going to give it a go.

As you may know I occasionally chat about my struggles with the pounds. As I mentioned only recently, I lost 3 stone on my own 2 years ago but half of it slowly crept back on and despite my various attempts to tackle it on my own, it just wasn't happening this time, so I needed some extra help and support.

By week 2 I achieved my 1/2 stone Award ....... 

and got Slimmer of the Week, 
which was just the thing I needed to keep me motivated.

I've bought a White Stuff Jacket, something I could never do before as the sizes are on the smaller size. I can't do it up YET! but it's another thing to motivate me further. 

I'm back to my daily walks around the park, come rain or shine and I'm eating loads and I mean loads of good, healthy food


Today I achieved my 1 Stone Award.
Today 5 weeks on, I am a Stone and 1/2 a pound lighter.
I feel very chuffed and determined to go a lot further. I have set a goal and I will just see how I far I go. I'm loving the plan and can see exactly how it works. I can eat loads and have not once felt hungry, quite the opposite, I sometimes wonder how I can eat so much and still lose weight. For me now, at this moment, it's working. I do worry it may suddenly stop and I won't know why but I will give it my best shot and see how far I can go!

Thank You Slimming World

Monday, 13 October 2014

4 hours and 25 years of catching up later!

I had quite a special outing this weekend, a mini reunion with 3 of my old school friends, two of which I haven't seen for 25 years!!

We choose The Old Spot Inn in Dursley, Gloucestershire as the half way point and whilst sat in the foggy car park waiting, I was excited and nervous in equal measures.

However, there was no need to be nervous at all and within minutes it was like it was only yesterday that we'ed last seen each other. Of course the next 4 hours were filled with reminiscing, catching up and the dreaded old photo's came out to haunt us - look at the HAIR!!!!!! I now know why I have it so short!

I don't think we've aged too badly!
It was brilliant to get together and we all left vowing to do it again soon.
Very soon!!


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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How is it......

 ...... the 8th of October already?

Before you know it, it'll be Halloween but we're ready for it however quickly it sneaks up on us.

More of my time is being spent indoors - I really need to start redecorating. We have lived here now permanently for 6 years and things are shouting 'Paint Me!' This is the longest we've lived anywhere and I am still itching for a new project rather than re-decorate here.

Don't get me wrong I love this house but it is becoming smaller as the children are growing and there are one or two things about living here that I would really like to change but can't. It won't happen in the immediate future but I do love to have a nosey around Right Move on a pretty much daily basis! LOL!

I'm not liking the gloomy, chilly mornings - takes me a while to get going when it's like this. The heating has gone on for an hour in the morning and an hour at night, just to knock off the chill.

We've had our first rain in what seems like ages. The winds have picked up and there's a sudden chill in the air - loads of leaves were blown down just the other day. 

I'm still walking daily, I'll get speedier as it gets colder, well that's the plan!

I'm still being good #healthyme I made this pizza for lunch using a Weight Watcher's wrap as the base - it was really nice and was perfect for lunch. I'm still pretty focused about things at the moment, long may it continue - Instagram and Pinterest are proving to be huge sources of inspiration and ideas this time around.

 Lots of Christmas prep continues behind the scenes at dots and spots - Christmas Card orders are now coming in on a daily basis from some very organised customers.

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