Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Back from hibernation!

Given that its been the coldest Winter for 30 years, the dots and spots team have been huddled up escaping the worst of the Winter weather. However, its time to emerge from hibernation and get this blog going again!

This promises to be an exciting year for dots and spots with new products and features regularly rolling off the production line. Becky has been busy beavering away in her studio (the 'igloo' as she rather uncharitably describes it) and has produced a new range of cards for the spring. The designs are currently at the printers and will be hitting the shops soon! To coincide with the launch of the new designs, the website is currently undergoing another major overhaul (although the current website is still live and can be viewed at - view it now before it disappears into the ether!) Follow the blog & we'll let you know when the new images can be seen on the web.

In addition to our own website, a range of dots and spots products can now also be found on the Misi craft site:

Come back soon - now the dots and spots blogger has woken from his slumber there will be more posts soon!

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Sharon said...

LOVE the new blog!!