Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Washing Line of Love!

I'm proud to showcase a new dots and spots product that I developed over the summer and its already proving to be a popular seller with mums & dads, grandparents, godparents and anyone looking for a personalised gift that will look great on any child's bedroom wall or door.

The name is made from a variety of different papers (see the colour swatch below) which are torn or cut to make the letters that are then 'strung' from the washing lines. The pictures are further embellished with hearts, stars or flowers as appropriate, creating a truly unique and individual piece of art that will be a cherished keepsake forever.

'Washing Lines of Love' can be purchased from the dots and spots website, the dots and spots Not on the High Street store or Maddie Browns (one of "Our Favourite Shops", in Wells, Somerset).


Anonymous said...

those are very pretty and unique :-)

have a great weekend!

Rose XXX

Bluebell said...

These are lovely!

dots and spots said...

I've just started to do them as cards - will blog about them soon!

Erin said...

Those are awesome! I can see why they've been popular already. Kids luv stuff with their names on it, eh?

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Pretty colours and designs! Bound to be a success!
Isabelle x

kirsty said...

I love them!