Thursday, 12 November 2009

Mid-November means 'Carnival Time' in Somerset and Monday night saw a long line of gaudy floats begin to line up outside dots and spots HQ. Dawn broke to a misty morning, revealing a collection of carnival floats snaking up the road as far as the eye could see.

But it is when night falls that the magic and spectacle of 'Carnival' comes to life as float after float parades through the town, lights blazing, music blasting and dancers dancing. dots and spots would like to salute all those volunteers who give so much of their time to bring a unique and vivid spectacle to the towns and villages of Somerset in the dark, damp month of November.



Cowboys and Custard said...

I suspect you have love hate feelings about these floats.
I love seeing them on the telly but would find them parked on my doorstep a little hard to tolerate.
Oh dear.. I really do sound like a party pooper now.

Donna said...

Oh I remember carnival season well.I grew up in Somerset and always went to North Petherton and Bridgwater carnivals. They were so exciting as a child a real part of Somerset winter time.