Thursday, 28 January 2010

Green Shoots ...

The skies are leaden, the wind is cold and the days are grey, but what's this?

The first green shoots are poking their brave heads out of the soil to let us know that Spring will come.

Tulips are my favourite and a bunch of tulips in an old jar or jug bring a splash of colour to the kitchen and remind of the sunny days to come.

Next time you're out and about why not treat yourself to a bunch of these colorful and versatile flowers - you're worth it!


Dinky Daisy said...

I love that splash of colour in spring from the bulbs, I got some on my window sill just coming up :-)


made with love said...

Got mine yesterday. lol.
I love your painting though.
Have a fun weekend
Rachael XX

The Flower Garden said...

I've got snow drops and mini iris getting ready to open they are so pretty I can't wait. Boldly heralding what's to come.

Inside I already have a mustard pot brimming over with scarlet tulips revealing their secret black centres. I look forward to the tulip season every year. I love them.