Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Home Sweet Home

As you know we have been away in London at Top Drawer, a Design-led Trade Show - it's our 3rd year and one of our favourite shows to do. The 4 days fly by - one day setting up and 3 days hard work but with the buzz of a busy show around you, you don't notice how quickly the time flies by.

But this year was different - we had a good show - it wasn't amazing and it wasn't dire -  it was a 'good show'. We have come away with orders, new customers, possible new leads, which, if they materialise, will have made the show a 'fabulous' show. I never get too excited though, as I've learnt over the years, that quite often nothing comes of the exciting chats! but there wasn't that buzz and excitement of previous years.

Footfall was noticeably lower than in previous years, possibly due to snow forecasts but more probably due to the terrible economic climate we find ourselves in. Spending was cautious and measured - to quote one of our customers "We can not afford to get it wrong".   

So now we are home - it's always lovely to be home after a few days away - you certainly appreciate it. The juggle of work and family life starts immediately, with the washing, food shopping, tidying etc to be done alongside the car to be unpacked, invoices to be done and orders to prep and pack. I've met some lovely people and had my annual catch up with others, who feel like life long friends. I've met tweeters, blog and facebook followers and a couple of people who recognised me from 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine (now that was odd) Hard to believe it's only 4 months until we do it all again - this time at PULSE. Blink and it will be here.


Primroses Attic said...

So pleased it went well for you.
Love the picture of your kitchen.

Nic said...

Oooh I hope some more of your leads lead to exciting ventures. I always feel wiped out when I come back from a weekend show and feel like I could do with a week off to recover-shame we can't!!