Sunday, 8 May 2016

A spot of gardening

When the weather is this good, you just have to spend it outside!

We've realised that the summer house is currently in the sunniest spot of the garden. We will never use it as a summer house, it's currently being used as a glorified shed! So, the plan is to put a new shed up in the shadiest part of the garden, re-locate all the stuff currently in the summer house and take it down.

So Jeff finished earlier than expected on Saturday and we made a start.....

We now have the area cleared and prepped ready to lay the base for the shed - that'll have to wait for another block of time but hopefully, by half term, we should be in a position to put up the new shed.

I've been grabbing 5 minutes out in the sunshine and have read this book. I never read unless I know I have a good block of time together, as once I start, I like to finish and I must say I read this in 2 days - a great book. It's apparently being made into a film too, something to look out for!

I'm guessing this glorious weather will change far too soon - hope you've all had a sunny weekend too x

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