Saturday, 5 November 2016

Birthday Girl

Birthday girl in the house!

A certain someone has turned 17!!!!
Yep! time to learn to drive! 

It's an expensive business, the cost of the provisional licence, insure the car, lessons at 10 hours for £240. She has had a block of 2 hourly lessons for her birthday and another block for Christmas and her grandparents have very generously added to the pot for her birthday, so when they run out she's got to earn the money. So CV's have been written out and handed in to a few local shops, on the hunt now for a little job - suddenly all very grown up stuff x

I took her out for her first 'go' in the car this morning. We got into first gear and reverse along the little road in front of the house and both came back smiling, so we're off out again to find a bigger, quiet space this afternoon - time to find 2nd gear!

Wish us luck x

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