Saturday, 11 May 2019

This time last week!!

This time last week, Jeff was running the Glasto 10k in a fab time of 47mins 30 secs. He wanted to come in less than his age, so he easily achieved that and a personal best to boot!

I was looking back through my blog, I like to sometimes see what the weather was doing 'this time last year' and this popped up - exam season was about to hit a year ago. Nothing near the same stress this year, Sam's had 'in school' mocks, as no AS Levels anymore and Sophie has 7 Year One exams to get through. Her first year results don't count towards her degree but do help towards applying for work placements for her third year, so she's doing her best and working hard.

Getting me through work, is thinking of my holidays. I cashed in my £2 coin stash. Every time I get a £2 coin I pop it in a tin, £150 since this time last year!

Enough to buy two cabin size suitcases for our Paris trip x

Peony season has started at last. Got my first bunch of the year.....

....and what a lovely surprise they were too - beautiful.

The sun is shining at last, although still chilly if not in direct sun. Hoping we're in for a spell of sunnier weather - I certainly feel I need it.

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