Saturday, 8 June 2019

Sophie Ellis Bextor!!

Fab night out with my sis on Wednesday in Bristol, a rare treat to see....

.....Sophie Ellis Bextor x

She was incredible!
Beautiful, stunning lady and performer, with the most incredible voice.
And at the end she ran up to our balcony and just meters away, she sang with 3 violinists


And we had the best view as the people in the seats in front of us didn't show up!

The only downside to the night was the room spinning when I got into bed. I wouldn't have minded had I had a few drinks but I hadn't! Got up the next morning feeling nauseous and dizzy, so got a Dr's appointment, who confirmed that I had Viral Labyrinthitis. I've had it once before, a year and a half ago just from bending down into a cupboard. I did a lot of bending at work on Wednesday, which may have started it off, plus my cold last week (the viral bit!) and generally feeling tired. So my days holiday on Thursday was spent in bed and my subsequent two days off have been getting myself in a position to be able to go to work on Sunday. I'll just have to pace myself, plenty of sleep, drink loads of water, no bending!! 

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