Saturday, 9 May 2020


Crikey, week 7! 
To be fair that's actually come around quite quickly and I hope will continue for a few more weeks yet. Boris is due to speak tomorrow evening about the next steps. I seriously hope he continues with the lockdown, as we will hit another spike if not.  

I try not to overthink the situation, try not to listen to constant news updates,
instead I try and focus on the small positive around me, like my beautiful alliums....

...and my figs!

As usual I worked the Sunday, Monday but swapped my Tuesday for a Wednesday early start. It still felt like I had a good chunk of the day off. Sophie had her first exam, one down, five to go!  The weather was great, so another tea enjoyed outside.....

...and a walk in the evening. We had to deviate from our intended route due to a field of cows but discovered new places on the way. Places I didn't even realised existed!


Jeff, still teaching, had to take a virtual assembly in the morning, lockdown uniform of course!! I put some bunting up ready for VE Day on the Friday and ready for our Clap the NHS at 8pm.

We walked up to Admiral Hood Monument in the evening.


75th Anniversary of VE Day

I worked an early on Friday morning. I don't mind swapping around at the moment if it helps them out. I haven't exactly got anywhere else to go and this meant I was over and done with by midday! It was another beautiful day, so we had all our meals outside again, although no street party here!!

Sam stood us up for our 'Boris Walk' in the evening, so just Jeff and I went for a walk, starting at Ivythorn Hill, along to the top of Walton Hill and the Windmill. Absolutely stunning views!


Today was sunnier than expected, so I whizzed off to do my food shop first thing, then spent the rest of the day out in the garden reading, making the most of this glorious weather.

We walked a little later in a hope of catching the setting sun but alas cloud stopped play for the final 10 minute money worthy shot! Still it was a lovely walk across the buttercup filled fields to the weir and then back to the bridge before heading home.

So another week in Lockdown. A big announcement due tomorrow to outline a way out of lockdown and another busy week at work ahead. Although I booked Friday in as holiday a few weeks ago, so will get a 4 day burst off again, just what I need at the moment.

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