Friday, 20 February 2009

How The Designs Are Made

One of the questions we are often asked at dots and spots is how the designs are actually made. So here's how.

In the dots and spots studio (aka the igloo, aka the creative compost heap) lies a growing collection of paper, from many different sources - wrapping paper, recycled paper, home made paper, paper torn from magazines - and these provide the raw materials for the designs.

These papers are then torn or cut into the individual shapes used to make each design. No mass production here, just dedication, a good eye and a very steady hand! The individual pieces of paper are then arranged and glued onto a cardboard base to create a unique piece of collage art. For those unique and bespoke pieces of work that is the end of the line before being packaged and passed on to the lucky recipient of the artwork.

The artwork destined for the 'dots and spots' range is then taken to a local printer (St. Andrew's Press of Wells - well worth the plug for the excellent work they do for us!) who print the artwork onto to quality card to produce the greetings cards, postcards, gift tags and place labels that can be found in the shops and on our website.

To view an animation of the a card being made, where you can see the image being created, layer by layer, click on the link below:

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