Saturday, 18 April 2009

Birthdays and Weddings

Many weeks ago, when the snow was falling and it was hard to imagine that it would ever be warm again, dots and spots was delighted to be commissioned to produce a bespoke card, heart and label for a young lady who celebrates her birthday today. Not only is it her birthday today, it is also her brother's wedding day, so an extra special day for the family.

In addition to the range of dots and spots goods that you can see and buy at , dots and spots takes on commissions, big and small. Visit our commissions page to see more individual pieces of work produced by dots and spots to meet individual requirements. Birthdays, weddings, change of address, the possibilities are endless. Why not commission dots and spots to produce an individual and unique piece of artwork for you?

Finally, dots and spots would like to wish Sue a very Happy Birthday and the very best of luck and congratulations to your brother and his bride on this special day.


Sue C said...

Thank you so much for your kind message!! We had a fantastic day! The heart will be used as an embellishment on my wedding album.

AMIdesigns said...

These look lovely, really nice work