Wednesday, 15 April 2009

dots and spots at the Seaside

dots and spots at the seaside

Is it the sound of the surf breaking on the shore? Or the smell of salt and freshness in your nostrils?

Perhaps it is the feel of the wind whipping through your hair and the gentle 'mush' of firm sand yielding to your bare foot.

Or is it the tangy and taste of of the fresh sea air on your tongue?

Or is it drinking in the clear vista, stretching out to the horizon; the light, the hues, the textures that make a visit to the beach so special, so invigorating?

Who knows? But what we do know is that there is nothing like a visit to the beach to clear the mind, refresh the soul and rejuvenate the body.

Summer, and holidaying at the English seaside, is just around the corner and whether it's paddling in the (icy!) sea, messing about on boats, hunting for crabs in rock pools or just soaking up the sun, bring the beach home with dots and spots.

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