Thursday, 26 August 2010


Advertising is an important element to any business - but it is also a very expensive one and with so many publications out there, it is often hard to know where to spend your money wisely. Post Harrogate, we were bombarded with calls and emails wanting us to advertise, so we decided on two publications. The first arrived through the letter box this morning!

Gift Focus is free to the retailer and is sent to our target market - the independent retailer. It included a special feature 'Best Wishes - Opening the envelope on some of the latest in greetings'' The advert looks good and hopefully emails and trade accounts will be 'pinging' their way through to us in the next few days.

We were also given a free editorial - I always get Jeff my husband to write it, as I find it so hard to write about myself and big up what I do! The second publication is aimed at bookshops - a completely different market, who may not of yet come across the dots and spots range of goodies!


Elfcrafts said...

The advert looks great - good luck with any enquiries. Fantastic editorial as well. Love Em x

sue15cat said...

That is a wonderful advert and editorial, and I speak from experience. After having a gift shop of my own for a number of years and being in retail for over 20 years(receiving similar Trade magazines) your editorial would have tempted me to find out more about you, exactly what you are aiming for.

It's lovely to see you going from strength to strength, long may it continue.

Sue xx

Elli Moody said...

Your ad and editorial look great! I'm really enjoying seeing your business take off - I might get up the courage (and the funds..) to do a trade fair soon having seen your success :) Elli

dots and spots said...

Thank you for your comments - Elli you should definately do a trade show - I adore your cards. So glad we did it have not stopped since!


Cross your fingers and toes any wait for the orders to come in. Kxx