Friday, 13 August 2010

Back home with a bump!

So the holiday is over, it's always nice to get home except for the mountain of washing that always accumulates whilst you're away!

For the first time ever, I have also experienced the accumulation of orders whilst I've been away! 13 large trade orders await me on Friday the 13th!! and already a secondary pile is beginning to form of orders due out in September!

We also collected the keys to our new premises!
Thankfully it looked bigger than I remembered and armed with a tape measure, roll of masking tape and the ever faithful Ikea catalogue, I spent a very happy hour planning what I needed and where everything should go!

Let's put it this way, Ikea LOVE me!


Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Congrats on all the orders. It's lovely to hear of successes like yours. And I'm sure Ikea's profits for the next quarter will be way above their expectations!

Vintage from the Village said...

ooh you lucky thing with the premises and the orders. You will soon be paying someone else to do your washing !!
Have a great weekend
Sue x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

well done with the continuing success! cant wait to see what you do with your new space :-)

peaches & me said...

we have admired your work room in your home for ages cant wait to see what you do with your new space!!!!

Jenevieve said...

Well done on all the orders waiting on you!

Have fun shopping at Ikea, they do have some lovely, and not too expensive, stuff! :) x

Ickle Scamp said...

how mega exciting - big tremendous YEY
SO looking forward to seeing the photos :-) x

KC'sCourt! said...

Copngartulations on all your orders.
Julie xxxxxxx

Killiecrankie Farm said...

what a landing !
good luck with your new premises and ikea shopping for you expansions.
and hope you have many more orders like those ones !

Calico Kate said...

I love Ikea too. When we set up our shop/coffee shop/art gallery we had SEVEN trolleys lined up at the till! And then went back for more!!!
(Sadly due to hubby becoming seriously ill 18 months later we had to close, but I kept some of the furniture, and did quite well on eBay!!)
Best of luck with it all.