Thursday, 4 November 2010

New Designs!

I've been busy working behind the scenes on lots of new designs and I thought I'd share my new tape designs with you. Our decorative sticky tapes have been so successful since we launched them in June, so we just had to add some new tapes to our range.

I like to sketch lots of ideas first then build up towards a theme and then work on the sequence that builds along the length of the tape. It repeats every 20cm so the repetition and overall design needs to flow the full 30m length.

I work in black as the designs are produced in single colour, not out of choice but out of cost. I would love some of the tapes to be mixed colour but simply can't afford to do it and offer you tape at an affordable price.

I actually like the black and may well offer it as a colour choice - what do you think?

Hens have been a favourite in our other lines so I thought it was about time to add them to our tape ranges.

And also the lovebirds - one of our most popular card designs had to become a new tape design too. With product requests for Valentine items already coming in, we hope this will be a winner too!

We have also decided to offer a slightly thinner, cheaper range of tapes for those smaller parcels and packages. Bunting, spotty, spooky, sweets and the very popular cupcake will form our portfolio of new designs and will be available in a range of colours in the New Year. We will of course let you know when they will become available and will do a giveaway or two to celebrate. Let us know what you think - we love to read your comments.

For now you can buy all our existing tapes from our website - a perfect stocking filler or wrapping 'must have' this Christmas.

Check out our seconds shop too for bargain tape for your own use only.


Vintage from the Village said...

I love your tape , I will def be buying the chickens and bunting designs.
Good idea to do some narrower ones too
Best wishes
Sue x

Claire Hurd Design said...

Your new designs look great - I love the baubles! Am looking forward to seeing your thinner tapes.

Claire x

hello gorgeous said...

simply gorgeous!!! ;o)

LOVE how it keeps rolling out....


hello gorgeous xxx

crafts@home said...

I love using your tape, I can't wait to use my Christmas tape as well, Love all your new designs and the thinner tape will be useful.

Judith said...

Love your design. The hens are great even as the birds! Well done.
Bye, Judith

Domestic Goddesque said...

Heavenly! I don't think I knew you did tapes...I shall be buying some!

Butterfly-Meadow said...

oooh I love them all!!! and want them all!! Well done and loving the thought of thinner tape too!! Will deff be buying the bunting, baubles, halloween... and...and... hahaha!!