Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tomorrow is December....

And that can only mean one thing - the start of Advent and officially the start of Christmas in the Peabody house!

The red and white spotty stars have come out of hiding, in preparation to decorate the advent garland and the little enamel buckets have been filled with surprises.

The wreath has been put out on the front door.

The fairy lights which adorn the house all year round are lit earlier and are adding their own sparkle of Christmas magic and excitement.
The Christmas coffee mugs have made their seasonal trip out of the cupboard and onto the dresser.

The advent garland meanders it's way up the stairs, overloaded with daily treats for the children.

And an advent calendar each, to open every morning in the build up to Christmas, lines the kitchen cupboard doors.

Christmas cards will begin to be written.

And the favourite Christmas stories will be shared.

And of course, the Christmas spotty chocolate tin is filled to the brim with yummy treats for any visitors.
I love the build up to Christmas - the excitement and anticipation. The tree won't go up until the middle of the month but it's super to slowly build up the fun and festivities.


made by lolly x said...

Awww! I wish you were my mum! Can I come round for some sweeties... or a little pressie out of the advent garland... what a lovely start to Christmas! Can't wait to see your tree!

Charlotte said...

Wow the Peabody house really is very festive, I'm still trying to squeeze in a moment to put my fairy lights up in the studio! Your organisation is amazing :) x

Pipany said...

It is looking gorgeous. Off to get a tree tomorrow if it doesn't snow and so excited! x

Jamboree said...

Looks wonderful, love to see how other prepare, and always a treat when they share. Love it!

Mermaid said...

Already you have made is look like Christmas & I want to move in !! I need to get organised, only made the CHristmas cake so far.

Lou said...

Hi there
This is my first post but I have followed your website for ages now and am the proud owner of one of your picutres, given as a present by my sister in law - I am a big fan! I loved today's post and, as I looked at the advent calendar pic, I just had to post and suggest a Dots and Spots advent calendar!! I would buy one as, I'm sure, would all your other followers - but make it one with little chocs inside!!
L xxx

Jenny said...

Oh wow, you are making me want to decorate the house NOW!!! how really lovely and festive you've made your house, your children will really remember it in years to come and look back so fondly on it I'm sure. some of my own best memories are childhood christmases coming in from school to a roaring fire and twinkling christmas tree! magical x

Judith said...

Your house is very cosy decorated this way!
Love your cards!
Warm wishes, Judith

Claire Hurd Design said...

How gorgeously festive! Cosy and beautiful, you will have Christmas visitors queuing at your door!

Claire x

Butterfly-Meadow said...

Oooh I love your advent garland & little buckets - also adore the gorgeous dotty stars and was wondering where you got them from? have been searching t'internet with no luck!! thanks!