Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fresh start

I do feel, at last that Spring may have sprung and the start of better weather is now ahead of me. A time to motivate myself on a personal fitness campaign. I have over the years settled at a weight/size that is not the best and have periodically given myself little targets that have passed me by - 'Thin by 40', 'Thin by Take That'. But I have 3 personal targets coming up over the next year to work towards and am determined to do better.

We live in the most beautiful part of the country and our house backs onto the most beautiful park, so I am going to start walking around it every day as part of my new fitness drive.

Sam kept me company today - we timed our fast paced walk up the back alley way

and then around Collett Park.

It is such a lovely park, well maintained and well used.

The duck pond is a beautiful backdrop and you can just make out the bandstand which visiting brass bands play at during the summer.

Our house is part of this terrace row that borders one side - truly lovely views.

So my half an hour walk is completed in the most beautiful of settings and with a little more focus and routine, I hope to make my daily walks something I look forward to and hopefully it will help shift a few of these stubborn pounds!

So a fresh start now Spring is well and truly here!

Have a lovely Sunday.


hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, I am SO with you on the "setting goals and missing them" front! I too have told myself this year HAS to be the year....I am fed up with do nothing about it now! Unlike you, I don't have a fabulous park at the end of my garden....but I do have one not too far away. I have promised myself to get my act together by way of walking the dog back and forth to said park...however, first I must conquer getting past the front door!

Hope you have a fabulous sunny Sunday too...


hello gorgeous xxx

dots and spots said...

It's so hard isn't it -I can no longer blame my extra pounds on having the children as Sam will be 10 this year! I have a tweet up end of March, our first family holiday abroad in June and a university 20year get together in March next year so 3 good goals to aim for. Good luck - will have to keep each other on the straight and narrow.

Pene said...

It's always easier if you've got something to aim for! And having that gorgeous park on your doorstep means no excuse. Daisy says if you had a dog you'd HAVE to walk round the park at least twice everyday lol

dots and spots said...

HA! Pene like your thinking but my daughter would leave home!

Stripes and Stars said...

Yep, my goal is to loose a few pounds (and not from my purse, can do that easy peasy) before my 40th in June. The last week I have cut out biscuits and wine, my two biggest down falls, on the scales this morning I have lost a massive 5 pounds. Next week im off walking, which I am hoping will turn into jogging then running - mmm maybe not!
Good luck.

Fleur Cotton said...

Go for it Becky!

Four years ago I was in the same position as you, kept blaming a long forgotten pregnancy on the continuing weight gain. So I just started to run, I could only run for 5 minutes without nearly collapsing the first time I went out... but small steps and within a month I could run for nearly 30 minutes without collapsing. Four years later I'm three stone lighter, a member of a running club, love going for a run and couldn't live without my fix of exercise. Totally out of character ! Just shows to go that a leopard can change it's spots! (and you certainly know about spots!)So keep on going you can do anything you put your mind to... Good Luck.

Happy Walking
Fleur xx

dots and spots said...

WOW - you both sound like you are doing fabulously - will try hard to keep up with it this time