Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's getting serious!

This week Sophie has to make a big decision - it's time to choose her GCSE subjects.
We went to an Option Evening last week and came away with quite a few questions which we hope to answer tomorrow at Parent's Evening. The trouble is, she has no idea what she wants to do and needs to keep as many pathways open to her at A'Level and then University.

 I was lucky, when I was her age I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I did my work experience in a school, volunteered after my O'Levels and A'Levels and went to a Specialised College/University to study. I studied an Art Degree rather than a pure Teaching Degree so I kept my options open in the future.

The school is excellent so I'm sure she will get there in the end, just feels quite scary trying to get it right.

Tulips always make things better, whatever decisions need to be made.
I'm sure by tomorrow evening we will be sorted.


KC'sCourt! said...

Good luck to you all.
I'm sure the right decision will be made.
Julie xxxxxx

dots and spots said...

Thank you - have handed in the form now so it's now up to the school to check

SallyB said...

Good Luck to your daughter! Everything about having teenage daughters is scary! My daughter Megan is in Yr 10, very much a swat and is gifted and Talented in English and History. She has just been chosen to attend a workshop taster day at Cambridge University!
The only option she has regretted is Triple Science! Your new space looks great btw!

Jay said...

I hope the decision making went well, my eldest son had no idea at GCSE so kept it fairly open, he then had very little idea for A levels so chose the subjects he liked most, again keeping the future open. He's now applied to Uni and still has no idea of a career so has chosen an English degree - still keeping his options open...... Good luck!