Sunday, 19 January 2014

Winter sunshine

What a treat to wake up to this morning - birds singing, blue skies and sunshine.
It really does lift your spirits.

We've made the most of it and just got back from a walk around the park.

It's so beautiful out there today.

The first clumps of snowdrops I've seen this year.

And now late afternoon, the sun tracks round to the front of the house and bathes it in sunlight.

Bulbs are starting to push through out the back too. The garden needs a jolly good tidy up so if the weather permits, that's a job for February half term.


Karen Maybray said...

Hello :-) I have just discovered your blog through Pinterest. I'm so pleased as I remember seeing you featured in a homes magazine but then lost the details. You have such a gorgeous home, thank you for the inspiration.

Jay said...

Things are starting to brighten up but it's still been jolly cold here, it's nice to see some sunshine in your photos.