Saturday, 12 April 2014


Project trampoline is on!

I'd always promised my two that if we ever had a bigger garden they could have a trampoline. So by getting the extra bit of garden at the bottom, I couldn't go back on my promise. So the first job on the list when back from Cornwall was build the trampoline.

Sam has been going to trampoline club after school and loves it. He's not the most active of children, hating football, running etc so I figure if it gets him outside in the fresh air and active then it's a double whammy!

I always thought it would be too big and I still do but by keeping 2 of our original fence panels up it's slightly hidden. I just keep seeing a little face smiling at me over the fence from my studio door.

Jeff found an alternative use for it before the safety net went on!

The next job is to make the vegetable beds ready for planting, lay a gravel path and sort out a seating area. In between all this our trusty washing machine of 6 years decided to die on us, so we also have a new machine to plumb in and a mound of washing to get out on the line! Never a dull or quiet moment for sure!

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