Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Garden extension

Today is an exciting day, although I'm still waiting 2 hours later for the workmen to arrive! 
Today we are having a fence put up at the bottom of the garden.

This photo illustrates things better. The land at the bottom of our garden was once owned by the council as allotments. Many years ago, the homeowners were offered the chance to buy the piece of land at the end of each garden. The previous owner decided not to and our neighbour purchased 3 plots. Sadly her husband passed away a few years ago now and the garden is too big for her to manage, so we are buying the plot at the bottom of our garden. 

This is still ongoing and has so far taken 18 months!!!!!!!! for the Council to lift a covenant on the land changing the land use from number 5 to number 4. Honestly, the Council Offices are literally 5 minutes away from the house and phone calls are now a weekly occurrence! As it is still in the hands of the Council, my neighbour and I have decided to go ahead with the fencing rather than lose another whole year of growing time again.

As you can see it's a good extra bit of space and as we live out in the garden during the Summer months, it's a very welcome addition. So WHEN the workmen arrive, they are going to put a fence up, top the back fence as it's a little low and there is a public right of way running along the back which is well used. The hedge is coming out and our old fence and gate is coming down. We will then start on our plans for the extra space - a busy Easter break ahead and I'm willing the sunshine to shine.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. It is going to be amazing! I hope you have your digging shoulders in place.....! xxxxx

Sally A said...

Wow, how amazing will that be. I hope you manage to get some Dots and Spots into the new space. Years ago behind our houses there used to be extra garden which were rented to the houses for a little amount of money. Then the factory behind us expanded and they built on the land. Now the factory isn't being used -Grrrrrr.