Thursday, 25 September 2014

Sunny September

September is in full swing (well, nearly coming to an end!) We celebrated the first official day of Autumn earlier in the week and we have woken to early morning mists across the fields.

The days have warmed up beautifully though, treating us to the most welcome warm sunshine.

I've been back out on my daily walks around the park. I had to give up the running due to incredibly painful shin splints and the 32 length swimming sessions stopped when the lido closed, so it's back to where I started - walking around the beautiful Collett Park.

The weather has made my walks easy - maybe I'll speed up when it gets colder. I spotted this cheeky fellow with a mouthful, out on my walk today. I wish I'd had a proper camera with me rather than my phone, as I couldn't get close enough to get a better shot.

There are  berries galore too, which will keep the birds well fed this coming Winter.

I'm back on the healthy, home cooked eating - delicious beef casserole on this weeks menu.

The weather is working it's magic on my sweet peas which are still so full of flower, although completely covered in greenfly.

The pumpkins are now nearly all the perfect shade of orange!

Just a quick reminder - our 'EARLY BIRD' offer ends at midnight on Saturday - this week our fabulous Christmas wrap is half price. You can shop for it  *HERE* and we'll announce the next offer on Sunday.

Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine, fingers crossed.

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