Friday, 5 September 2014

Hello September

 So it's September, back to work and school for everyone and time for me to do some serious making up prep over at the unit.

This could put a spanner in the works though - it would be wrong not to make the most of any good weather we may get - you never know what weather we have in store for us. That's one of the perks of being self employed, choosing when to work and when to make the most of the sunshine!

Sophie and Sam have gone back to school - Sophie going into Year 10 and starting her GCSE year's and Sam in Year 8. I can't get over how grown up they suddenly seem to be and how tall Sam is getting.

So into September we go - sunflowers to brighten the way.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, let's hope we have a good September! Yes the school years fly by! One of mine has just started year 13 and the other left school few years ago and so works. At least no school shoes and uniform in sixth form. Wishing you a relaxing weekend. Mandy x