Saturday, 17 October 2015

Another week.....

So another week whizzing by - I've been busy painting Sam's room in between doing all the normal stuff. I still have the woodwork to do this weekend, ready for the carpet fitters to arrive on Tuesday. I love the colour he's chosen, it should all look really good when he's in!

We had some great news, out planning application for our extension has been approved. Due to the cost, we've had to go for a single storey extension rather than a double but my dream 'live in, big family kitchen' is getting closer to becoming a reality. Work will hopefully start in half term week!

I've treated myself to a couple of dresses for the upcoming festive season. Dresses and I, have never really gone together so this is a first for me and I'm wearing tights for the first time in 15 years!!!

This weekends treat is an Apple Betty still SW friendly and delicious - recipe HERE

Right I'm off to have a quick bit of lunch then get cracking on my painting, have a lovely weekend.

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Angel Jem said...

I love apple betty!
And I love the colour that Sam has chosen.