Sunday, 11 October 2015

Mid October!

Sophie just said to me 'I'm surprised you haven't blogged for a while'. 
Goodness knows where the time is going - over a week since my last post - sorry.


It's been a big week for Sam - finally after 5+ years of treatment he got to have his braces off! Boy that must of felt good and french stick was back on the menu to his delight. At the beginning of the process I often wondered if he'd ever have two front teeth but slowly but surely, with a little help (well a lot of help) it is here and here to stay!

I've been plodding on with Sam's room - it's hard to get reasonable chunks of time together to have a good go of it but I only have until a week on Tuesday to get it done, ready for the carpet fitters. So this weekend I'm hoping I've got all the white done, now to add the colour x

I'm still pushing myself to run 3 times a week - Monday and Wednesday mornings after school drop off, have become my 5k routine (weather depending) and on Saturdays I've started to push myself to a 7k. I reckon I could easily run a 10k now, it just takes too long and I don't want to not enjoy it.

My slow cooker has been become a joy find in the move. I bought it years ago, it got hidden in the back of a cupboard and when we moved I was determined to start using it. We had fabulous pulled pork a week or so ago and beef brisket was on the menu this weekend. The smells all day are torturous but oh so worth it.

I hope your October isn't disappearing quite so quickly as mine seems to be - I must say I am looking forward to half term though and a few lazy mornings.

Have a good week x

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Anonymous said...

Looking good Sam!! 👍👍👍
Hope you get his room finished on time.

I would be lost without my slow cooker! I use it to cook joints of meat as it tenderises so well but also make casseroles, stews etc. Lamb tagine is my current favourite. I recommend a gammon joint cooked in an inch of pineapple juice or pork steaks in an inch of apple juice, lovely!

Mandy x