Saturday, 28 November 2015

Week 4 - update

This week has seen the biggest visual change to the build - we have walls!

And a kitchen window (sort of!!)
I'm beginning to visualise the space and how it will all come together.

I popped into my favourite shop on the way back from Bath the other day and bought these lovely old painted drawers for the new bedroom or maybe the kitchen or maybe the studio - not sure yet! I will have to see how everything evolves once I see the space - exciting times ahead x

dots and spots is super busy at the moment and whilst trying to do some Christmas prep and house stuff, the days are just whizzing by far too quickly although I must confess, I'm wishing the build on so I can get started with all the decorating and nice bits.

Have a great weekend x 

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Angel Jem said...

Ooh! Will it be ready for Christmas? I'm looking forward to Tuesday when I can open my first window on the advent calendar I bought from you!