Sunday, 4 June 2017

Half term hols

So the half term is over! It's been a busy week, mixed weather and a few house/garden projects started but a week is never enough.

My sister and niece came over for the day on Wednesday, then my Mum and Dad brought Granny up for lunch on the Thursday. We were treated to a lovely sunny day, which meant eating outside was a 'must'. 

Sophie and I were up and out early on Friday, for the first on many University Open Days. Exeter is the closest and was a good one to start with. She's done lots of research about the course content and place, grade entry requirements and accommodation etc. Exeter and Birmingham are 'on paper' her top two, as they offer the best courses but also have the highest entry grade requirements. Southampton and Cardiff may offer a slightly lower grade requirements and then Surrey is in the mix too but I worry about how expensive it will be, once she lives out in a house etc. Lots still to see and consider for us all, with Birmingham next to see.

Then to end the half term in style, Jeff and I headed to Birmingham to see Take That! last night

Car essentials 

As always, they put on a fantastic show

(not my photo)
All Saints were the support act and were good too - I'd forgotten some of their old hits.

(not my photo)

(my photo)

I didn't get too many good pics but as Jeff said ' just enjoy the show'. I think I may have converted him into a Take That fan after 3 shows now!

Of course you leave these shows on such a high and I must say, for the first time once it was over, I did feel a sense of relief once we were out and in the car. My thoughts were with those at the recent Manchester attack and then as we drove down the M5, news of the terrible London attacks were unfolding. It must be heart breaking for all those affected, but I do believe we must keep doing things, going to events, sharing just as much the enjoyable things in life or why live.


Lisa said...

Good luck with the uni visits.
I live in Southampton so any questions you have about the City please feel free to ask and I'll try and answer, if it helps!
Lisa x

Mrs LH said...

Yes, as above, good luck with the open days. We saw many and Birmingham was in my top choices. In the end daughter chose Univ of Leeds as her first choice (she loved it) and son went to Nottingham ( he loved it too).

dots and spots said...

Thanks Lisa - I may take you up on that if she has it as a real option - there's so much to decide on but the place is equally as important

dots and spots said...

My sister went to Leeds Mrs said... I used to love going to visit. For some reason she's decided she want's to stay South of Birmingham, so for this first round of visits, Birmingham is as far north as we'll go!

Miffy257 said...

My daughter went to Cardiff. Great place for students. Most things are within walking distance.