Friday, 15 September 2017

First week - done!

 I survived my first week at work and surprised myself just how much I enjoyed it. We had a 4 hour training session but within 2 hours we were serving 'real life' customers. It's been a very steep learning curve and I'm shattered but everyone seems really friendly and helpful, so 'so far, so good!'

Two of the days, when I am doing a 4 hour shift, I intend to walk, weather permitting. There is certainly a chill in the air and autumnal views on my walk, we've even mentioned turning the heating on soon!!!

These poor sunflowers took the brunt of the winds the other night. I've been admiring them whilst out running but whilst walking I could stop and take a pic, before they go over completely. 

We've had a real mix of weather this week - sunshine and showers and certainly no hint of a warm Indian Summer, sadly.

We still get to enjoy the magnificent views of the Tor, whatever the weather.

I've kept to my running and am seeing real improvements in my pace and stamina. 3km is a sensible, doable run for me at the moment, any longer and it's hard work and I feel I'm failing. Better to be going out and running, then make it too hard and stop altogether.Yoga has started back up too, so I'm hoping the combination will keep my hip niggles at bay. Add in my walks to work and back and I'm pleased at how more active I've become again.

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Debdor said...

Usually when the kids start back to school we get really nice weather - but as you say no Indian Summer this year. I have a feeling it is going to be a hard Winter this year. So glad to hear you are enjoying your new job, there are some lovely customers out there.