Sunday, 24 September 2017

Where is September going?

Last Saturday, how is it a week ago already? Sophie and I headed to Cardiff (again) It was the Uni Open Day but we got the bus into the city centre first, as Sophie was unsure of the 'open city campus' last time we visited. Realistically, the uni was only a 10 minute walk from the centre and would be a maximum 30 minute walk from the accommodation block. It was well worth a revisit, as it felt smaller and closer together second time around and it's now moved into number 2 spot. Just Reading University to visit next weekend and then we're done!

Work is still going well and I'm enjoying my Wednesday walk there and back (it's been dry so far) Couldn't help myself from picking up these conkers on my way, what is it about conkers, that as a 46 year old woman, I still feel compelled to pick them up!! I've popped them on my window sills at home, to fight off the spiders!

I've been cooking up some yummy cakes at home, cookies, syrup sponges and these brownies - delicious! Autumnal food is the best - trying to get away with just a taste though, must resist!

Things are most certainly on the turn! I love the season of Summer and the warm sunny days but Autumn is a close second, with Spring not too far behind. We need some cold crisp mornings and warm sunny dry afternoons now, until the end of October.

The slow cooker will be on most weekends now - beef brisket is the meat of choice today. Smells divine but the smells are torturous all day, whilst busy in the kitchen, great for leftovers mind you.

The garden is still 'growing/producing' - today I've picked wild strawberries, raspberries, beans, apples and courgettes and we have a squash growing nicely.

So just one week left of September and then we really are into full on Autumn. 
Can't beat skies like this though, at this time of year. 
Have a good week x

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joy said...

Ha ha Becky, you made me laugh, I'm 69 and still collect "Lucky" conkers whenever I see them on the ground.