Sunday, 1 October 2017

University Open Day Tour done!

So our University Open Day tour is complete!
We started off with Exeter University back at the end of May half term and followed with trips to Birmingham, Surrey, Cardiff, Southampton and Reading yesterday. We did two visits to Cardiff and Southampton, so we could visit the centre's too and an overnight stay in Birmingham, to get a feel for the 'place'. Sophie has visited Portsmouth with a friend and is there for the next 3 days on a Geography field trip - it's very much the insurance, insurance choice, which we hope we won't need!

It's been great seeing all these places and meeting all these young, enthusiastic students on our travels but the best bit about this whole process has been spending quality time with Sophie. You can do a lot of talking in a 2/3 hour car/train ride and it's been lovely seeing her excited and so focused about her future. Of course it's all down to hard work and the final grades that will determine where she goes but I honestly think she'll be happy at any of the places we have visited and shortlisted!

Birmingham is still very much top choice but with the entry requirement at 3 A's, it's a big ask but who knows what hard work and determination will bring.

Reading jumped up into her 'insurance place' number 2 spot after our visit yesterday. It was a lovely campus, actual Reading was nice and everyone seemed very friendly, so a job well done. 

The personal statement has been written, teacher's references and predicted grades collated and her final tutor reference now needed and her UCAS application will be complete. Just the wait then for offers and for her to make her final two choices, followed of course, by a good few months of hard work before the exams! So glad I'm not a teenager any more but I wish her all the luck in the world, for all the exciting opportunities that lie ahead of her.

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