Sunday, 1 April 2018

March into April

So this morning we welcomed in the month of April,
a quarter of the year done already!!

Jeff celebrated his birthday this week - a young 49! 

Time to enjoy the last year in his 40's before the big 50 hits next year!

I received a little thank you from work this week for selling the most scratch cards in aid of Sport Relief, not bad for a newbie.

Sophie is continuing to be fabulously focused on her mini 'health' target. In just 2 months she is beginning to look and feel a lot better in herself.

Last nght to celebrate Jeff's birthday, Easter and have a catch up with Jeff's side of the family, we all met up and went to ASK Italian in Wells for a meal. It's always nice to have a get together, particularly as my older niece and nephew are away at university. Sam is by far the tallest in the family now and at 15 there's still time to add on a couple of extra inches!!

So this morning April arrived, ever hopeful the sunshine will follow...

The boy was happy with his egg and ....

.....I enjoyed mine!

I've set myself some goals - easy, achievable and focused for the new month ahead.

Have a great April.

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KC'sCourt! said...

Happy Easter. The Ham and eggs look yummy