Sunday, 25 March 2018


This week we celebrated the first official day of Spring and woke this morning to the hour moving forward, lighter evenings on the horizon!

I spent all of yesterday gutting the children's wardrobes. Sophie had the date marked in the diary, something she'd been putting off for ages but with her confidence growing and the pounds dropping away, we got on with it.

Of course she also has a shopping date in the diary and now has a list of things she wants to buy! The charity shops are going to love her. Sam has nothing left in his wardrobe, bar 2 t-shirts and a couple of sweatshirts. Pinning him down to a shopping trip is most unlikely, until he literally has to go!

Sophie and I enjoyed the first of the warm sunshine out in the garden for an hour this afternoon...

.... the shorts even went on for the first time this year. The forecast is not looking great for the next few days ahead, so it's a case of enjoying it whilst you can. Jeff doesn't break up until Thursday evening, I'm working all week and the kids whilst both on holiday, should be busy revising for A Levels and GCSE's. I'm not looking forward to the next few months, exam wise but then once it's done, they can both enjoy the summer

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