Saturday, 6 October 2018

First week....

It's been the first week in a long time...

....where I've had a day off at home, completely on my own, it's been since exams really, back in June. I didn't plan to do anything, other than do bits around the house. Gave Sophie's room a once over, dust, hoover, strip and washed her bedding etc cleaned the shower, steam cleaned the kitchen floor, sorted out all the little piles of 'stuff' that seem to dot themselves over all the surfaces!!

I went for a walk into town, had a look around the shops, just had a bit of 'me' time. I love the busyness of family life but do like a day, every now and then, completely on my own.

I could really do with a full day out in the garden, just to tidy things up. Picked this self seeded ghost pumpkin last week. We think it was courtesy of the 2016 compost, as I bought two ghost pumpkins for Halloween that year.

We've also been gifted self seeded tomatoes, again we think from the compost. The runner beans are still growing and the wild strawberries are still fruiting.

So Autumn has really taken hold this week. I've been cleaning, making plans and lists for the coming few weeks. We have a trip to Reading planned in to see Sophie, she and I have a day out in London booked and she's going to bring a friend up to Bath for the day when the Christmas markets are on, as it's easy to pop up on the train. I have a meet up with old school friends in half term and Jeff and I have tickets to see Deacon Blue late November and no doubt Sam will want to go to Bristol before too long, to spend his wages!! so it's all go. I like to be busy but also enjoy a day to myself to do nothing particular, they're quite rare so I make the most of them when they do come along x

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