Sunday, 21 October 2018

Gone mid October already!

How is it mid October already? I really don't know where the months are going. It's been another 'normal' week - work, school, nothing special, although I did go to Bath on my day off on Tuesday. We've continued to have some great weather, beautiful early morning views of the Tor and ....

... fabulous sunsets to end the day.

I've actually had the whole weekend off and enjoyed some time in the kitchen and just generally pottering around at home. Been wrapping pressie's ready for the birthday girl, when we go to visit her next weekend. So looking forward to seeing my girl.

Spent some quality time with the boy, a couple of car trips, a captive audience and a mooch around Clarks Village, clothes shopping!! Think he was pretty pleased with my baking efforts too this week and a giant cookie the size of his head!

I'm still going to Slimming World, keeping the pounds at bay, whilst still eating the most delicious food. I'd ideally like to lose a couple of pounds before the festive season begins but I'm happy plodding on, keeping the weight off and being healthy. It's the longest time ever I've maintained my weight and I'm determined to keep it that way. 

So another week of work ahead before half term begins. Jeff breaks up on Wednesday, Sam on Friday and I've a few days off booked in for half term week. We have our trip to see Sophie to look forward to, plus I have a day catching up with old school friends in the diary. Other than that it should be a pretty slow, relaxed week, hoping it'll stay dry enough to do some tidying up in the garden and have a few sorting jobs to do at home.

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