Sunday, 24 February 2019

Half term round up!

Half term round up or should we now call it reading week round up too!!

Picked this one up from Castle Cary train station on Friday evening, for the start of her reading week, our half term. I was still working the Sunday and Monday but had taken the rest of the week off.

So on Tuesday we had a girls day out in Bath - doing what we do best, shopping and eating!!

Jeff and I had a wander around his school grounds.....

.... they are truly stunning at this time of year - full credit to the groundsmen. Might try and replicate this with our lawn, as we never sit on the grass, it's no longer a place for the children to play on, would look lovely all planted up next Spring!!

Sam has upped his fitness game this week, he's back to swimming and a little sparring in the garden with poor Jeff! He's actually done some school work this holiday, as well as meeting up with friends and I've just dropped him off at his Sunday job, so a productive week for him.

We had had lots of plans for half term but it ended up just being nice to stay at home. I think Sophie fully appreciates the clean kitchen when she is home, her kitchen at Uni is quite disgusting, poor girl! I couldn't live like that and don't remember my student days being quite so grim!

She was happy to go back though and we had a lovely day yesterday, enjoying the Reading sunshine. It's an easy 2 hour trip, so we were up and out early, popped in to the big Sainsbury's en route, dropped everything off at her Hall's, then bused it into town. Had lunch and a potter around the shops, before enjoying a coffee in the sunshine, walk back across the campus and....

....said or goodbyes. It's only 5 weeks until she'll be back again at Easter.

Perfect washing weather today, to get all her towels and bedding done. 

 In fact it's been a beautiful couple of days, unseasonably warm, even enjoyed my morning coffee outside this morning, soaking up every bit of lovely warm sunshine. 

All in all, it's been a lovely week, has felt like a proper break and knowing it's just a 5 week stretch until the next break at Easter, makes the next few weeks much more doable. 

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