Sunday, 10 February 2019

Sunshine and showers....

A weekend off work with no plans - lovely!
The weather is a little hit and miss, sunshine, showers, windy but there is a definite feel that Spring is inching it's way here - lighter, brighter, better days ahead (I hope!)

Tonight my sister and I are off to see the fabulous Dr Michael Mosley talk. Now I lost my weight with Slimming World and do still go to group each week but more for the accountability of the scales, rather than the plan specific. I have PCOS, a hormone imbalance, so having done a  lot of reading around the subject, I am very interested to learn more about the role fasting/ time restricted eating, can play in helping restore and help balance out my hormones, blood sugar levels etc. Plus I get to spend an evening with my sister, always a treat.

We've had a mixed bag on the weather front, no heating at work for 3 days at the start of the week, which was a killer. It was colder in store than outside, at only 9 degrees!!! We were given extra layers to wear, allowed hot drinks and passed a hot water bottle around but boy was it cold!

The garden is showing signs that Spring is just around the corner.
First daffs in flower, helabors, hyacinths, crocuses and.....

I don't like to wish time away but I am looking forward to some warmer, brighter days, gives me a jolt of energy, much needed whilst I linger in hibernation mode.

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