Friday, 15 March 2019

Quality time with my two x

Had the best of both worlds this week - 
got to spend a whole day with each of my children!

Sophie has no lectures on a Monday, I had a day off, so an early start and drive to Reading. Dropped off supplies and then we were tourists for the day, with a day trip to Windsor. It's only half an hour up the road, gave her a change of scenery and it was lovely to just spend time together. Coffee and chat, walk around the town, down by the river, found the Long Walk, lunch at Bill's and more chat, with a trip to the supermarket on our way back, before dropping her back to Hall's and a 2 hour drive home.

Then today, time with Sam. He has no lectures on a Friday, needed/wanted new jeans, so a trip to Bath planned. Thankfully the second pair of jeans he tried on, were 'the ones' so we had a nice, relaxed mooch around Bath for the rest of the morning, then lunch at Bill's (twice in one week!) 

It's not often now that I get to spend quality time with each of my children and twice in one week is a real treat. They are so different, yet similar in so many ways too.
Moments to treasure as they become so grown up x

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