Sunday, 25 August 2019

Beautiful Bank Holiday weekend

I've pretty much been working all the time at the moment, we're so short staffed, it's ridiculous but I did have a day off on Thursday and met up with my sister and niece in Bath for lunch and I have actually had Bank Holiday Saturday and Sunday off, although in all day Monday.

Sophie and I spent all of Saturday morning planning our Paris trip.
Just a rough outline for each day, just so we get to see everything she wants to.
I keep refreshing the weather forecast, pleading for it not to rain.

When I've not been working, I've been out driving with Sam. He's doing really well but boy are there some idiots on the road. How there wasn't a crash last night I'll never know, as one car could no longer stand being behind us and overtook at 70 in a 40, as a car was approaching from the other way. Why!!!!!!?? He was going the speed limit, not below........ patience! We all had to learn once.

Just back from a lovely family get together today, with the Peabody side. Lovely to see all the cousins growing up, age ranges from 11-23 and I love listening to the older lot and their plans for the future. It was a beautiful day and really busy, so we had our main course inside then moved outside for pud, as there were two sittings for lunch and as we talked so much we had to make way for another party. Ended up being the perfect scenario, a chance to make the most of the beautiful sunshine.

Not looking forward to working all day tomorrow, hope it's busy so the time goes by quickly. Will be missing the last of the sunshine, as all set to change by my next day off. 
Enjoy it for me, if you can xx

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