Saturday, 10 August 2019

Lots to celebrate this week!

On Wednesday the boy turned 17!!!

Where, oh where have those years gone?

A double chocolate brownie caked was asked for and a double chocolate brownie cake is what he got!! One more slice left for tea tomorrow!

Of course turning 17 means one thing - time to learn to drive!

And we went out twice on his birthday and a further couple of times since. "It's a lot harder than it looks" is his main review on driving! He's doing okay, a few more turns of the car park and local roads when quiet, about 8pm but he's doing okay. Lessons due to start in September once he's got a few of the basics and is a little more confident.

I've been super excited to be picking figs from my tree in the garden, think it was 7 on the last count, still a few to ripen, such a treat.

The weather's not been great since we returned from Majorca, a real mixed bag and I'd go as far as to say Autumnal the past couple of days. The Tor never disappoints, whatever the weather!

Instead of sitting out in the garden enjoying the sunshine, I've been busy inside researching and deciding on next year's holiday - happy to say it's booked, a sunny week in old town Pollensa, Mallorca, something lovely to look forward too.

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