Saturday, 29 February 2020

Farewell Feb!

You've been a soggy old month and as always, I'm glad to see the back of the winter months, inching ever closer to Spring and some brighter, sunnier days. 

The month has jogged on by pretty quickly. I've been working, no holiday as such, just a day off in half term/reading week when Sophie was home. Sam of course passed his driving test and has taken over the school run, which has freed up time for me to do daily yoga! I'm feeling focused on eating well, exercising, drinking more water. Well, I have been for a week but I'm feeling in the right headspace to tackle those few unwanted pounds! Sophie came home for reading week and it was lovely to have her home. Jeff is as busy as always, work, refereeing and now teaching himself Spanish! Highlight of the month for me was getting a new fridge freezer, a sign of getting old!!

The rain has not stopped and as it's a Leap Year, we've endured an extra day of it. The blue sky days have been few and far between but they're always worth making the most of when they come.

Daffodils are still generously dotted around the house to cheer things along.

Here's hoping March is a little drier, brighter, warmer, sunnier month. I'm off to see Sophie next weekend with my sister, then meeting with a friend later in the month and before you know it, Sophie will be home for Easter and Jeff and Sam will be on holiday again. I hope it's a quick month, not wishing time away, just want the weather to improve x

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