Monday, 17 May 2021

Mid May already!!

Mid May already and no real warm weather to speak of!
Worked my normal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, then walked on Wednesday!

It rained all day Thursday!

And Friday!!

I have started on my quest to tone up and was the first in the family to hit the rowing machine! I'm determined it's not going to be this lump of metal in the corner of the bedroom, that never gets used!! My aim is to try and go on it 4/5 mornings, where possible, with Sophie working in the adjoining room!! I want to tone and get my heart rate going, so far, so good!!

So on Saturday the alarm was set for 6:30, on the road by 7:00am and off to Cornwall for the day. Granny has sadly fallen and broken her wrist. She's been moved in to a care home and is having to isolate for two weeks. The home then only allows one named visitor but I will, eventually, be able to wave to her through a closed window!! I hope she does manage to get home once the cast is off, selfishly just so I can see her again and I will give her a hug! I never know when it may be the last time. Anyway we dropped off some cards and biscuits with a carer and headed off down to St Ives ......

....for some much needed Vitamin Sea!

We so lucked out with the weather, St Ives was looking beautiful. 
I've not been since September 2019, so a long overdue dose.

We then headed over to Mum and Dad's for the afternoon, not seen them since before Christmas, when we went down to do a present swap, so a much needed couple of hours spent with them too xx

I'm not really sure where the weeks are going. It needs to warm up a little now, a few sunny days are much needed. The garden has loved the rain but May will have come and gone at this rate, with no nice weather to speak of!! 

Sam and I are venturing in to Bristol tomorrow, the first time since March last year, when we first went into Lockdown. Today of course marks Stage 3 in the Roadmap to opening everything back up again. I HOPE that everyone is sensible and that life can begin to feel more normal again. I assume my second vaccine will be soon, as the over 50's 2nd date is being brought forward, due to the new Indian variant. Then I hope Sophie and Sam will get done and that life for them can get back to normal and feel safe going off to University in September. Blink, and it will be September, the way time is ticking on by. They need to go to Uni, to be around young people, to start living their lives again and I need to not spend a fortune every week on food!!!

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