Saturday, 29 May 2021

Sunshine at last!!

What a week, felt a bit of a slog as I worked Saturday night to help out a colleague, then my normal full on 'running' days Sunday and Monday, then I worked the Plinth change on Tuesday, ripping up price tickets for 6 hours and then did extra on Wednesday, with a zoom call for The Great Place To Work Regional meeting. Glad I don't do that often!!

Waited until Thursday to get my second jab!!
Feeling relieved and thankful to be fully vaccinated xx

And I got to celebrate further, with a day of warm sunshine!!
All meals eaten outside!! A first for the year!

Of course it was cloudy on Friday, my day off but I was busy being taxi service to Sophie, dropping her off at the station and then I had a hair appointment. Sam was out with friends, so a rare event, just Jeff and I for tea. It'll be the norm come September, so better get used to it.

And then today, Jeff's Football match got cancelled, so instead of refereeing, he got to come out for a walk with me. We headed up to the Hood Monument...... 

.......had a coffee at the top, then wandered back home.

Just shy of 7 miles and how lovely was it to walk in just a t-shirt!?!

So I'm working the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend! Sophie returns on Tuesday, when I start my bit of time off. Hoping the weather stays dry, warm and sunny. Jo and I should have been flying out to Florence on Tuesday, postponed for another year!! Third time lucky next year, we hope xx

Have a good week xx

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