Thursday, 22 July 2021

Part 2/3 Kalami

So following on from my last post, our transfer from Corfu Town to Kalami. 

We only had 3 nights here, an accidental stop over, as originally we were supposed to go straight on to Kassiopi. However, things happen for a reason and we were meant to go there, to completely unwind and soak in all the peace and the calm and the quiet.

We stayed in the Elena apartment.....

....part of the White House complex....

.....the former residence of Gerald Durrell.

We had use of a pool but other than a quick dip at the end of the day, we didn't make use of it. We spent our first afternoon exploring Kalami, a small resort consisting of two tavernas and the expensive 'fine dining' White House Restaurant, frequented by the super rich ferried in from their yachts moored in the bay.

Our taverna of choice was just as good, with just as good a view x

So day 7 we decided to explore further and walk to the next bay and the hidden beach of Gialiskari. 

We walked as far as Agni but decided to return there the following day.

And settled.......

....for the day at Gialiskari beach.

We pretty much had it to ourselves for most of the morning.

And Jeff found somewhere to dive!

We went to the other taverna for tea....

....and was serenaded by this Greek quartet again. (photo from the previous night)

Feeling more relaxed by the day!

For our final full day in Kalami, we walked past Gialiskari beach, further on..... Agni.

Somewhere we would never have considered going to for a full holiday, as it would have felt far too small for two weeks. But by breaking up our two weeks into the 3 resorts, it felt like we'd actually had 3 mini holidays, as each place was so different.

We treated ourselves to sun loungers, it felt a real treat and had a truly relaxing day.

After already frequenting the two tavernas, we decided on our last night to return to Gialiskari beach...

....and take a picnic

It was the best decision. 
Other than one other person, who swam then left, 
our only other company was the yacht moored out in the bay.

It was just the most perfect evening x

So day 9 and our final morning in Kalami. We were supposed to vacate our apartment at 10am but the resort was so quiet, we were able to use our apartment until 1:00pm, when we were being collected by taxi. I wasn't walking up the hill we came down with my suitcase in tow!!

So we found a shady spot.....

....and spent our morning swimming....

.....and starfish spotting!!

We finished off our time there with a dip in pool.

I would return here. It was the most calm, quiet, relaxing 3 days.
Just what the doctor ordered!!

But it was time to move on as I said, we got a taxi on to Kassiopi, our final stop! 
And our home for the final 6 nights - the Irinis apartment.

We spent our afternoon getting our bearings, refreshing our memories as to where we first holidayed together back in 1993 and returned to the resort in 1997. Trying to find the beach coves we chilled out in and the rocks Jeff dived off and our favourtite taverna.

More on that in the next post x

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