Saturday, 2 October 2021

Autumn is most definitely here

So I ended last week, about to enjoy a rare Sunday off with Jeff and we were sooo very lucky with the weather, certainly felt like an extra bonus. We decided with a forecast for rain for the weeks ahead, we'd pick the sunflower heads, leave them in the porch to dry out....

....plenty of seeds for the birds and to plant out next year.

We enjoyed, what could quite possibly be, our last lunch eaten outside.

I then have worked my normal Monday, Tuesday and then did an early on the Wednesday to cover for a friend who wasn't feeling very well. Only bonus, getting to see the Tor!

Went out for a walk in the afternoon with my friend Lynn. We were meant to be going on the Thursday but the forecast was for torrential rain, so we decided to squeeze it in whilst dry. Did yoga in the eveing, so a busy day.

Spent my Thursday at home having a 'nothing' day and it was wonderful.

Thursday was also the final day in September, a busy, emotional month....

......and hello October!

Friday was a beautiful day in the end, so I took myself out for a walk, 
up and around the Dundon Beacon in the sunshine

Beautiful colours and an abundance of Autumn

Then Di came over to give us a much needed haircut!!

So this week has flown by. My first week as an empty nester. 
I've been in contact with them both and they're getting on fine, as am I!!
Another busy week ahead. If I can get fuel, I plan to got to Cornwall to help my dad, after work on Tuesday. I have a date with my sister in Bristol on Thursday and am desperate to squeeze in a walk over in my favourite woods if there's a free, dry day.

Have a good week x

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