Thursday, 10 December 2009

A Brief History

Each year I make the family Christmas card with my children and each year I like to look back over the cards we've made together over the years, seeing not only how the designs have developed over the years, but also how the children's writing inside the cards has matured with the passing of time.

For the fourth year, and ever since, I have had the cards professionally printed - by the printers who now produce all the dots and spots printed goods - and I included a picture of my two children on the back of the card, an action shot of the two of them creating the artwork for the card. (Here's a little tip for you if you decide to do this yourself: having this picture printed on the back of the card adds nothing to the printing costs as all the printing is still only on one side - it only appears on the back because the card is folded in half.)

Below is a collection of the children's cards, beginning with the first ever - a potato print robin - through to this years pair of snowmen.

Bringing back so many memories, I love them all - which is your favourite?


Jules said...

Great post. I had never thought about printing on the back too.

Fell Tops said...

They are great and full of memories!

Vanessa x

Marion said...

I love the little robin - my favourite!

kirsty said...

What a lovely thing to do! Can't choose between the robin and snowmen!
Thank you so much for the card - have a most excellent Christmas! xx