Sunday, 6 December 2009

Lasso the Moon

The internet is a wonderful thing - it provides the opportunity for small, but talented, businesses and individuals to reach a wide audience and it allows you, the surfer, to find those special, uniqe and personal items that mean so much. No longer do we need to be at the mercy of the big multi-nationals, churning out mass produced goods - never has it been easier to find those items that define your style and proclaim your taste.

Not on The High Street was amongst the first to bring us those personal and unique products - under their strap line of "One basket, hundreds of unique shops" and it remains a one stop store showcasing talent and creativity. I first discovered Not on the High Street as a shopper, long before joining as a partner to sell my dots and spots range with them, and I still enjoy browsing through their many wonderful items.

Another, new, similar website that I think you'd enjoy visiting is Lasso the Moon - a collection of "fabulous gift ideas all made with heart and soul by our favourite designers and makers." The clean lines and simple, effective navigation make this website a joy to browse and you're sure to find many gorgeous products on its pages. It does not have as many lines as Not on the High Street - but this can be an advantage, one is almost spoilt for choice on NOTHS, Lasso the Moon have definitely gone for quality over quantity. Why not visit it and see what you think!

Now, I must confess an interest, as I have just recently teamed up with Lasso the Moon and you can find the dots and spots range there too. But just like with NOTHS, I was a customer first and was so delighted with the service and other items on offer, I was happy to join "Lasso" - I'm sure you'll enjoy shopping there too!

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Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Becky

I've just spent a bit of time looking at that website. It is how Not on the High Street used to be. There are some lovely things on there.
Warm wishes
Isabelle x