Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Prints

I just wanted to share with you these two new prints I've added to my collection.

They are prints of original pieces of my work, which are then embellished with paper, ribbon and/or buttons to create a truly unique piece of art.
Available in a frame, or mounted ready for you to frame yourself, they look great in any room (and make a great gift for those 'difficult to buy for' men in our lives!)

Camper Van

Sail Away

Detail from 'Camper Van'

And, for any of my lovely blog readers, if you'd like me to add a personal touch, like that shown above, just get in touch!

by dots and spots


The English Writer said...

These are gorgeous. I love them both, and very apt for my boys as they love camper vans and boats! They would fit into their rooms perfect!

Emma said...

They are so lovely! I absolutely love the spotty print- polka dots, my favourite! I love the boat most of all.

The English Writer said...

I just wanted to add that I've had a really good look around your online shop/website and it's just lovely. There are so many things I want to buy! The robins are a particular favourite as I collect them (pics and other bits), and the bunting. Great stuff.

Mermaid said...

These are fantastic. My family love camper vans and boats too so are a big hit with us!

dots and spots said...

Thank you for your lovely comments - think the camper van is going to be a favourite!

Button Patch said...

Brilliant designs.

I think you might of hit upon a genious image with the camper van. I have seen loads of articles in magazines about camper van holidays. It might become one of those popular images on a par with the 'cupcake' or 'beach hut'.

Good luck.