Sunday, 11 April 2010

Quality Control

It was with great excitement that last week I took delivery of my latest range of cards from the printers.

However, that excitement turned to disappointment as I unpacked the cards - the colours just weren't right. They were washed out and pale and lacked the vibrancy that I hope runs through all my designs.

What to do? Dilemmas, dilemmas! Well, there was only one option. I wouldn't be happy selling the cards as they are - quality is important to me and I want dots and spots to only be associated with the highest of standards and the best products, so it was off to chat with the printers.

And the printers, to their credit, agreed wholeheartedly and will re-print the entire run and they should be ready next week, so a little later than I'd hoped but I can't compromise on quality!

dots and spots


Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

Love the new designs, they make me want to go and book a good old english summer holiday. The caravans my fav!


Great Cards, great designs. Kx

LissyLou said...


Dinky Daisy said...

Well done for sticking to your guns, I agree quality is so important. The cards look lovely my favourite is the caravan :-)

Michaja said...

Lovely! Like them a lot!

kirsty said...

Great new designs, can't choose a favourite! x

winnibriggs said...

Hi Becky
Thanks for popping by my blog.
How amazing is that. Yes we would like to return to visit Shepton so you never know if we might turn up. Course we would warn you!! Love the new designs and quite agree with your action. I am the same 99 per cent is no good I have to be 100 per cent happy with my products before I will sell them.
Jenny x

Claire said...

Wow, love the designs, they're great. I love caravans and campervans and your cards are so cute.
You've got to be happy with your product, good on you for speaking up. You can't lose anything by asking and in this situation you have had a win.